Ethereum’s Significant Growth: 200 Top Wallets Now Dominate Half of Circulating Supply

Key Insights:

  • Ethereum’s top 200 wallets now hold over half of the circulating ETH.
  • Record increase in new Ethereum wallets indicates rising network participation
  • Ethereum’s price surge reflects ongoing bullish market trends.

Ethereum has witnessed a remarkable increase in the concentration of its cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), among its top holders. The most recent data reveals that the 200 largest Ethereum wallets have collectively amassed an astounding 62.76 million ETH. This accumulation represents a staggering value of approximately $132.1 billion, showcasing a significant consolidation of wealth within the Ethereum network.

A Surge in Ethereum Holdings

Since November 21, 2022, there has been a notable surge in the activity of these major players, the ‘whales,’ in the cryptocurrency sphere. They have augmented their holdings by 30.3%, indicating their growing influence and confidence in Ethereum’s future prospects. Currently, these wallets command over half, precisely 52%, of Ethereum’s total circulating supply. This level of control underscores the increasing centralization of wealth within the network, a trend drawing attention from investors and analysts alike.

Simultaneously, the Ethereum network experienced a remarkable spike in new wallet creations on November 21st. A record-breaking 94.7 thousand new ETH wallets existed, marking the highest single-day increase since July. This surge indicates a growing interest and participation in the Ethereum ecosystem, fueled by the network’s ongoing developments and the broader appeal of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Ethereum Price Current Action

ETH, as of press time, has witnessed a potential surge in value, retracing above the $2,080 region. This marks a tremendous growth in the coin’s price as it continues to soar past the previous resistance level of $2,000.

Ethereum's Significant Growth: 200 Top Wallets Now Dominate Half of Circulating Supply
Ethereum’s Significant Growth: 200 Top Wallets Now Dominate Half of Circulating Supply. ETH/USD Daily Chart, By: CoinMarket Cap

ETH has been bullish for the past month, showing no signs of slowing down. Since breaking through the previous resistance level of $2,000, the coin has seen a steady climb in value, reaching a new high of over $2,130 a few weeks ago.


Ethereum’s landscape is evolving rapidly, marked by a dual phenomenon of wealth consolidation among the largest holders and a burgeoning base of new users. This dynamic interplay between concentration and expansion offers a fascinating glimpse into the shifting contours of the cryptocurrency world as Ethereum plays a pivotal role in shaping the digital economy.

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