GENOPETS – MEXC Launchpad Review

From November 11 to November 16 MEXC held the 2nd session
of MEXC Launchpad with Genopets

The project for this session was Genopets (GENE – Trade it here). Genopets is a Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT game on Solana that makes it fun and profitable to live an active lifestyle. GENE combines user’s step data from their mobile device and wearables with blockchain. Moreover, Gene adds Play-to-Earn economics, so players can earn crypto by doing actions in real life. As user explore the Genoverse evolving and battling their Genopet, they can earn GENE.

Genopets NFT

A Genopet is a generative spirit animal NFT that sports a uniquely marked body with eight variable bionic features and extremities, falling under the category of one of five elemental types. All players may summon and mint their Genopet for free. Starting as an infant, your Genopet can traverse 77 levels of upgrades and 12 stages of material evolution with an endless amount of customization to make it unique and your own. Genopets grow and evolve based on the XP you earn battling with friends, soloing PvE bosses, walking your dog, and going on your after-dinner jog. As you invest your time and effort, your Genopet will naturally increase in value.

Genopets merges the nurture and evolution of Tamagotchi, the training and battling of Pokemon, and the fitness and social incentives of Strava while rewarding players with crypto for staying active in their daily lives. Genopets has coined this, “Move-to-Earn”.

The Economic Flywheel of Genopets

The Genopets economic flywheel is built on a first of it’s kind model where both Free-to-Play and Paying players have opportunities to earn income. We call this the Dual Earning Economy Innovation.

Genopets (GENE) Economic Flywheel

GENE Token

GENE Token is a governance and staking token that represents the value of the Genopets game as a whole and is used to craft in-game NFTs. GENE holders gain access to exclusive peaks at new content, have a voice in-game design, and can participate in special community perks like airdrops.

The total token supply is 100,000,000 GENE with 3,500,000 GENE in circulation. Token allocation is like below:

MEXC Listing Performance

GENE was listed on November 18 in the Innovation Zone and opened trading for the GENE/ USDT trading pair. The largest increase is 47.3X , from 0.8 USDT (the sales price) to the highest 37.87 USDT.

Tokens allocated to MEXC Launchpad – 250,000GENE

GENE will be unlocked in the below-defined schedule which lasts for 60 months from the initial Token Generation Event (TGE):

Genopets (GENE) Unlock Schedule

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