MEXC Blog Interview with KENKA METAVERSE (KENKA) Team

In this blog interview, you’ll find insights about the  KENKA METAVERSE project. In an event hosted by MEXC, you will meet KENKA METAVERSE team.

MEXC:First, can you introduce  KENKA METAVERSE and the team ?

KENKA: KENKA METAVERSE is a blockchain game inspired by the underground world. The game ecosystem is designed to have an immersive Play to Earn experience, where players can train their characters and by having a “KENKA”,meaning fighting in Japanese, to gain fame and fortune. Land, squads or brothers, and other items in the game are in NFT and tradable. By bringing these items together and forming guilds with other players, you can participate in a robust community than in traditional games.

What KENKA METAVERSE discerned from the other projects is the economy that is being designed. Many of the projects introduce themselves as decentralized projects, but the truth is, most of them are not. The economy is closed and the majority of external capital inflows are coming from investors and newcomers buying and selling tokens and NFTs. Therefore, whenever the newcomers stopped entering the game, it collapsed instantly. KENKA METAVERSE will build a sustainable service by connecting to the real world economy through a billing system like traditional social games and advertising revenue from sponsors, and by intentionally creating a “layer of balance deficit”.

MEXC:What type of game is KENKA METAVERSE and how to play? How do players earn money in P2E?


1. Single Play

Explore around the city and have a “Kenka”, meaning fighting against NPC.

By winning the battle, players are able to earn the token or the enemy may join the player’s squad and become your “brother”.

2. Main Character

Can dress up with items that players have acquired.

The more items players acquire, the stronger character will be.

3. Shatei

In this game, your allies or your squad members are called the Shatei. Basically, Shatei will be the trainers who train your character and partners who support you. Shatei can help you in many ways by training in the gym, running and protecting the “Shima”.

4. Shima

The land in this game is called the “Shima” and there are various roles. Owning a Shima allows you to regularly earn revenue and use the facilities that are built in the Shima. The more Shimas you own, the more advantageous to play the game. The number of people (e.g. number of audiences, maximum number of votes) that can be accommodated in the facility varies depending on the location and the size of the Shima.

Followings are some of the Shimas with special facilities:


Players are able to train their characters in the gym. Methods of training vary from gym

to gym. Owners of the gym can set their trainer NFTs and players are able to learn the

techniques. Players need to pay the fee to use the gym, and this fee is used to

generate revenue for the owner. Gyms used by star players or fighters will attract many

players who want to get stronger.


In the arena, players can fight with players from all over the world and earn the prize

by winning. Non fighters in the arena are able to bet and predict the winners.

Fighting tournaments or events can be hosted in the large Shima and can predict not

only the winner of each match, but also the winner of the tournament itself. 

KENKA METAVERSE will create a sustainable Play to Earn service by designing the economy by categorizing with 2 stages and 4 groups of users.

1. Stage

The term “stage” is used in the description and is conceptual and there is no clear

division of stages to play in the game.

●1st Stage

the part of the game that can be played without any NFTs like the other social games.

●2nd Stage

The part of the game where players play using NFTs as a Play to Earn service is what

we call the “2nd stage”.

In fact, each user can play both stages at the same time, but cannot play at the 2nd

stage unless the player has the required NFTs.

For example, Shatei from the regular in-app purchases can only be used in the 1st stage; Shatei purchased as NFTs can be used in the 2nd stage. ※If Shatei obtained in the 1st Stage is minted, able to use it in the 2nd Stage. 1. Groups of Users KENKA METAVERSE categorizes users into four types according to how they play: Guild Masters and Players are the “Entertainers” and Follower and Gamers are the “Enthusiasts”. Users who contribute to the game by entertaining other players can earn tokens. Players who simply enjoy the game can make regular in-app purchases, or any disbursement with any other points. ●Guild Master Group of players focusing on earnings. The land in KENKA METAVERSE is called “Shima”. Players belonging in this group are able to earn by creating guilds, cooperating with other players, and holding “Shima”. Guild necessarily does not need to be run by a single player. Multiple Guild Masters can bring their own Shima and form an even bigger guild. Members from the guild can be given preferential treatment, such as free use of the gym, thereby training members and encouraging players to become the star. Guild Masters are like the gym owners, arena owners, and esports head coaches in the real world.


Group of players acquiring both fame and wealth. Earn from the fighting tournament and possible to earn from ads revenue. Most of the players will be aiming for this group and will be the symbolic players of this game. Imagine a professional fighter or professional esports athlete in the real world. This group includes not only the top-tier players, but also players from regional leagues, so there are many more players than most people imagine.


The most common players of KENKA METAVERSE. This is the group that focuses on having fun while earning tokens in single-player or PVP. The player can train in the gym, buy NFTs at the market to strengthen the character and aim to be in the Player group, or play in mini-games in the betting hall. The most promising role is to keep on pushing for the Player in fighting tournaments. By betting on the winners and losers, they become an important constituency that enthusiastically supports the Player and encourages the Player to become a star.

Group of players mainly play for free Basically, players belonging to this group do not own NFTs and are playing the game for free. The difference with the group, Follower, is whether or not the players have NFT items and are eligible to play in the 2nd stage. By accumulating some token by playing in the 1st stage, most of the players in this group will aim to be in the Follower group. Exchanging token, buying the token, and betting will motivate the players to play the blockchain games. 

MEXC:How is the tokenomics design of KENKA METAVERSE? What are the application scenarios? How can users participate if they want to get tokens?


  1. Buy/Sell the NFT in the market, obtain items and KENKA-COIN, and train in the gym 
  2. Battle against another player and earn the prize(KENKA-COIN)
  3. Obtain the new NFT with KENKA-COIN to make your character even stronger
  4. Able to earn in the tournament or by betting

Players become stronger through these processes and earn KENKA-COIN by winning the battles.

We’ve been asked so many times why more than 99.99% of KENKA-COIN is owned by the team. If you think about this carefully, this would be the safest thing. What this really means is that there aren’t  investors who panic sell or intend to do so.

99.99% of the tokens are locked up and all of you will be notified in advance when releasing it (e.g., if needed in-game).

MEXC: Can you tell us about the team and funding background of KENKA METAVERSE?

KENKA: Companies and others participating in the project contribute funds for game development.

MEXC:How does KENKA token circulate, how to stabilize the token value after circulation, and avoid falling into a death cycle?

KENKA: LIke mentioned in the question above, KENKA token can be obtained in the following ways:

(1) Team rewarding the players based on their game play

(2) Token that are bet by users will be distributed to the winners

(3) Trading items in the game using KENKA

Of these, (2) and (3) will be the transfer of tokens between users, so the volume of tokens in circulation will not fluctuate.

A portion of the fees generated from (2) and (3) and sponsors’ advertising revenue will be used to grant tokens to users in (1), and a portion will be pooled as a resource to burn tokens.

The amount of tokens granted is not fixed and will be adjusted based on increases or decreases in the number of users and frequency of play.

We will balance to make the buying pressure higher than the selling pressure due to the granting of the tokens from the team.

If the value of the tokens increases steadily, the number of users will increase and e-sports will become the hottest topic. The ideal cycle would be an increase in sponsors, an increase in the unit cost of advertising, and an increase in the funds that can be used for burns or granted to users.

To achieve this, it is important to acquire initial users and sponsors.

Wwe are planning to introduce a freemium system like the traditional social games, and to develop game users into token and NFT holders.

This will allow us to attract a wide range of users by marketing the game as a social game, something we are well versed in.

As for advertising, we have collaborated with famous Japanese martial artists and musicians to increase our credibility, and through these connections, we are in the process of securing initial advertising sponsorships.

MEXC:There are many similar games on the market today, what is the competitive advantage of KENKA METAVERSE that makes you feel most confident?

KENKA: KENKA METAVERSE has no competitors at this moment, but we have a Japanese dev team who have worked on massive hit games such as Attack on Titan. The parent company of the dev team is a well-known listed Japanese company.

KENKA METAVERSE is derived from a hit game app called KENKADO, which constantly collaborates with many Japanese anime. Our team has members with extensive connections in the Japanese anime and music industries, so we will be able to collaborate on projects that utilize many IPs. This will be a big differentiator as no other project will be able to imitate our work.

MEXC:Web2 has many users, what strategies do you use to attract non-cryptocurrency users to participate in KENKA METAVERSE?

KENKA:The most distinctive part of our project is that our project is derived from the massive hit game app called KENKADO. This game is also the main sponsor of the famous fighting tournament called RIZIN

Once our game launches, expect thousands of players coming in from this game app. We have also onboarded the top MMA fighter, Mikuru Asakura, as our ambassador and he has his own YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers and one of the most influential YouTuber.

MEXC: Most investors only focus on the short-term price, but not on the true value of the project. Can you talk about the long-term benefits of the project for investors? How to make investors and KENKA to gain win-win benefits?

KENKA: Players can incentivize themselves by holding or using the NFTs in our service and conducting activities in the game.

The investor becomes a manager in the game and can continue to run the business as long as he or she has NFTs or tokens.

Our service has a high affinity for the esports of fighting and its underground themed world, making casino and sports betting a natural part of the game.

This allows users to place bets on the esports players they support, and because they have placed bets, they become more passionate about supporting them. As the number of enthusiastic fans grows, it becomes easier to attract sponsors.

Our main income will not be from our players, but rather from the sponsors or from the advertisement revenues and will create a user-friendly and sustainable service.

A portion of the funds will be used for distribution to users and a larger amount will be used to raise the value of the tokens.

In other words, this is a situation where buying pressure exceeds selling pressure.

Even if investor intervention causes short-term increases or decreases, we will control the value of the tokens to raise modestly over the medium to long term.

We are able to do this because our main criteria is not to take the money away from users for nothing, but to obtain funds from advertising sponsors as compensation for our legitimate business of marketing.

MEXC:  Which companies or project teams do you have partnerships with?

KENKA: KENKA is a project ran by TTXGAMES, and in addition to working with TTXGAMES, KENKA METAVERSE has a partnership with PancakeGames, and will be working with them on campaigns, NFT sale, and other activities, as well as partnering with various famous fighters, celebrities, musicians, and idols.

Here are the details about our partner:

Kenkendo (Japanese game app with over 3 million downloads)

MIKURU ASAKURA (Japanese professional fighter and is currently signed to be our ambassador. Other than the professional fighter, he is known as a YouTuber in Japan and will be facing off against the world famous boxer, Mayweather in September).

Pancake Games

Japanese celebrity, Asuka Kirara

Asuka Kirara and KENKA are currently under contract and issued NFT. The second NFT will also be issued.

MEXC: What is KENKA METAVERSE current market development? What is the purpose of this? Are there any future strategic plans?


As for market development, our number one priority is to finalize the game and launch it as quickly as possible and drive players to our game as much as possible. While users are waiting until the game launch, we will also conduct various types of campaigns to stabilize the market.

We are also planning to acquire many advertisers in our METAVERSE to create a win-win relationship.

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