Japan’s Fukuoka City Collaborates With Astar Japan Lab For Web3 Expansion

At the “Myojo Waraku 2022” conference in Fukuoka, Astar Network founder Sota Watanabe and Fukuoka Mayor Soichior Takashima announced their partnership to accelerate web3 adoption. According to their press release, their partnership is aimed at transforming Fukuoka into the Web3 hub of Japan.

Image of Fukuoka Tower

Astar Japan Lab is an initiative by Astar Network created as a platform focused on developing creative Astar-based use cases. They have recently been voted as the most popular blockchain project in Japan by the Japanese Blockchain Association. Currently, more than 45 companies have supported their initiative. These companies include some heavyweights such as Microsoft Japan, Amazon Japan, Dentsu, Hakuhodo, MUFG, SoftBank, Accenture Japan, and PwC Japan.

In lights of the recent partnership, founder of Astar Network, Sota Watanabe said:

“We are excited to invite Fukuoka City to Astar Japan Lab. In the US, some cities like Maimi and New York have positive attitudes toward Web3 and crypto. We are going to work closely with Fukuoka City to attract more developers and more entrepreneurs on Astar Network. In addition, Fukuoka is also known as the national special strategic zone. We plan to work closely with the government and utilize Web3 use cases from Fukuoka to the entire Japan.”

Future Plans and Prospects of Fukuoka City

Astar Network says that as part of the partnership, they will provide Web3 education to Fukuoka City. They will work with the city and identify new avenues for local businesses to expand globally with Astar Japan Lab. The local government hopes that their support on innovation and entrepreneurship will transform Fukuoka into the Silicon Valley of Japan.

Soichior Takashima, the Mayor of Fukuoka City stated that:

“We have to do in the context of Web3 what large companies did for the world when Japan was strong. We believe it is important to move forward together with the government, Fukuoka City, and companies that represent Japan.”

At the moment, Astar representatives will visit Fukuoka frequently and provide education towards web3 and global business expansion. This is part of a long-term goal to assist Fukuoka progress internationally competitive business. With time and effort, they believe that Fukuoka will be the crypto hub of Japan.

Closing Thoughts

Web 3.0 is prominent and growing. I believe that their collaboration will bear fruit down the line and invoke global recognition of web3 adoption. Eventually, we will see more countries gearing up, integrating web3 for local business and boosting global expansion. When that happens, we will finally witness the next generation of web3 innovation all across the world. In the meantime, I suggest that you keep yourself updated on the current industry news with MEXC. Don’t forget to check out our blog for more crypto knowledge and guides!

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