Islander — Driving Engagement in Knowledge Transfer and Content Metaverse

Islander is an online learn-to-earn and decentralized platform powered by NFTs to manage and market crypto projects in a unique way. Central to this proposition is the native token Islander (“ISA”), which serves multiple purposes: – To help projects discover, grow and maintain an audience of bonafide supporters – Allow key opinion leaders (KOLs) the opportunity to leverage their combined marketing power and earn – Create earning opportunities for content creators

MEXC will list Islander Token (Ticker: ISA) in the Innovation Zone and open trading for ISA/USDT trading pair on April 14 at 14:00 (UTC).

Islander Token
Islander Token Logo

Additionally: – Islander provides an intuitive toolkit for users to manage their various projects – Full support for developers – Wallets, plugins, management apps – Payment gateway platform

ISA — Token of Islander

ISA is native token of Islander, which has utilities like below:

  • Payment for platform services by different types of users:
    Projects: can pay for user reports/analytics, marketing services (banner, ranking etc.)
    Users/Influencers: can receive payment for affiliate & learn-to-earn activities
    Content Creators: ISA helps to mint NFTs tickets to exclusive contentStaking: Tier up to earn interest and have higher platform benefits
  • Burn mechanism: Part of platform fee will be converted to ISA and burned as a mechanism to reward all ISA holders community by reducing total supply

Why Islander is unique?

Attracting the right users in the crypto world is often a painful process for blockchain projects. Islander solves this problem for both project owners and retail investors with an innovative affiliate marketing platform which empowers active & supportive communities of crypto projects, content creators, KOLs, and individuals.

On Islander platform, people can partake in different types of quests created by project owners and get rewarded instantly. KOLs who help drive more enthusiasts to projects via affiliate links also serve as the “brand ambassadors” and are commissioned handsomely by projects. In the near future, we will also provide dashboards & data analysis functionality so every statistic regarding demographics, interests, and behaviors of your target audience will only be just one click away.

In brief, Islander’s toolkit enables crypto projects, influencers, and content creators to communicate their marketing efforts in a fun and interactive way. Everyone can benefit from the Share and Earn model.

  • Benefits for supporters/followers: + Free to join, earn different tokens by completing quests, eg. like/share a social posts + Automatically get rewards based on triggers + Can follow/support and earn from multiple projects at once + Secured, fast, low-fee transactions + Use Islander platform to find more interesting projects, influencers, and content creators
  • Benefits for crypto project owners and content creators: + Use your tokens of choice + Create and manage quests to naturally gamify your marketing efforts + Highly customizable toolkit to create and manage your own space on Islander + Beautiful presentation of project progression + Transparent transactions, robust report systems + No fraud, chargebacks, or cancellation + Minimal blockchain transaction fee + Full development support for APIs and SDKs
  • Benefits for influencers + No need to directly communicate with project owners + Get rewards instantly based on affiliate tracked links + Use tokens earned to mint more links and increase your opportunities

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