Introducing Exorde – The Decentralized System for Selling E-Reputation Scores

Before we dive into Exorde ($EXD) Network, here is a question for you. Sometimes we get worried about our reputations, right? Like, as a brand, influencer, individual, or even a developer, you worry about your reputation.

But don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for you, and that’s Exorde Network.

Introducing Exorde - The Decentralized System for Selling E-Reputation Scores (Image by Exorde)
Introducing Exorde – The Decentralized System for Selling E-Reputation Scores (Image by Exorde)

What Is Exorde Network?

Simply put, Exorde Network is a decentralized system that enables the sale of e-reputation scores for brands, goods, celebrities, and other entities. With the help of a decentralized community, the new project Exorde aims to gather and extract emotions from social networks around the globe.

Exorde’s data have a variety of use cases. These include market predictions, e-reputation management, and trend research, because of its distinctive technique, which makes it reliable (peer-verified and processed publicly).

Exorde thrives due to its decentralized method, that enables data collecting on socials that are shut due to geography, hidden behind proxies, or locked on separate Internets.

Moreover, Exorde is the web3 network that empowers developers to crawl and link all public data on the web.

Contributors to the Exorde network validate urls and public content from one another due to  blockchain technology integration and Proof-of-Stake consensus.

These key technologies allow for full transparency and reinforce the neutrality of the network with respect to the data it processes.

Exorde Token

In addition, Exorde has a token $EXD. It was listed on MEXC’s innovation zone, on the 20th March, 2023.

It was first released via public sale on the Exorde DEX –, which ended 10th March, 2023.

$EXD token is ERC-20 compatible, with a 200M Total supply. 34% of the total EXD is allocated to project rewards, that’s a lot of giveaway, right?

$EXD as at the time of writing this article is trading at $0.35 on MexC global.

Key Token Utility: $EXD

– $EXD is a protocol access token: to participate in Exorde’s Data Economy users are mandated to own and stake $EXD token.

– The token is used to pay Exorde’s Data Services through its Bounty System: The Exorde Network prioritizes the highest bounties and the Exorde network processing power is constantly auctioned to the highest bidder. 

– $EXD is rewarded for Protocol work: There are two main categories of work on this project – spotting, and processing & data validation. Data spotters and validators earn rewards for their data-related work.

Wondering what “Spotting” involves? It entails finding recently-posted and relevant information, that helps provide Exorde with the very best data.

Processors & validators of data secures Exorde’s data processes and nodes (participants) of the network, earning $EXD token as reward. What’s more, they earn Reputation (REP) used as a requirement to participate in Exorde’s Technical Governance.

How to Earn on Exorde  

– Run a node: the act of continuously running client software on a computer while connected to the internet, thereby verifying the validity of every block, then keeping it up-to-date with new blocks and transactions.

– Staking: a process in which you can earn crypto rewards by holding and locking up your coins in a network’s wallet and participating in the network’s consensus mechanism. (Read more on staking

– Active contribution to the network. (Protocol rewards)


As an investor, there are many potentials on this new technology that Exorde network is offering. Do more research and you will learn more reasons to invest your money in the Exorde Protocol.

Last but not least, if you are a trader, this may be your long term bag, as the market cap is still low.

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