Fidelity Provides BTC and ETH Trading with Zero Commission for Individual Investors

Multinational financial services corporation Fidelity Investments is launching their new trading product on Thursday. It is essentially offering zero-commission trading services for retail investors. Since cryptocurrency is still new to most traditional finance companies, Fidelity Crypto will start with focusing on BTC and ETH only. So how will Fidelity make money from trades? The brokerage will charge investors by 1% spread on trades. Are you wondering what is a spread? It represents the difference between the sell and buy prices of an asset.

Fidelity Investments (Source: CoinDesk)

According to a CNBC report, Fidelity stated that:

“Where our customers invest matters more than ever,”

“A meaningful portion of Fidelity customers are already interested in and own crypto. We are providing them with tools to support their choice, so they can benefit from Fidelity’s education, research, and technology.”

Fidelity Statement

The fact that such a large investment firm like Fidelity is expanding its service to more people, is a milestone to the cryptocurrency community. This is a move that shows the recognition of growing mainstream interest in digital assets from traditional finance.

Besides investment companies like Fidelity, some other public firms have been investing in crypto. Including MicroStrategy, Tesla, Square, and Galaxy Digital. This is a sign that institutions are just as interested as retail investors in cryptocurrency. It is still the early stage of crypto, along with more individuals and companies investing in it. We should have hope of a wider adoption of crypto in the future.

Closing Thoughts

As we all know, there are a small group of rich people in the world that are in charge of big chunks of wealth. When it comes to investment, the rich are not messing around. As more people and companies get to know about crypto, I am excited to see what the future holds for cryptocurrency. And I am curious if the wider adoption of crypto will increase its liquidity and value across the world.

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