Exploring 10 Most Popular Telegram MEV Bots in Crypto 2023

Telegram bots have become a prominent force in the world of cryptocurrencies, offering users a simplified and user-friendly alternative to traditional decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 Telegram Miner Extractable Value (MEV) bots of 2023. These bots have gained significant attention for their role in crypto trading, token sniping, and more.

Exploring 10 Most Popular Telegram MEV Bots in Crypto 2023
Exploring 10 Most Popular Telegram MEV Bots in Crypto 2023. Image by Freepik

Statistics of MEV Bots 

On-chain data from Dune Analytics reveals that 121 MEV bots on Friend.tech have generated an impressive $2.1 million in profits since August 2023. These bots have executed over 21,800 transactions, showcasing the substantial financial opportunities tied to MEV bots. A Flashbots study estimated that MEV bots extracted around $500 million annually from the Ethereum network in 2022, emphasizing their potential for lucrative gains.

One standout MEV bot, operating under the name “Jaredfromsubway.eth,” has executed over 238,000 attacks on more than 100,000 victims, accumulating over $6 million in profit. This remarkable success underscores the substantial rewards available to those who harness MEV bot capabilities effectively.

Understanding MEV Bots

MEV bots, or Miner Extractable Value bots, are designed to counteract the effects of MEV, allowing users to submit transactions to the mempool without paying gas fees. This strategic advantage enables MEV bots to outpace others, ensuring faster transaction processing. Let’s dive into the top 10 MEV bots, listed in no particular order.

  • Flashbots (@flashbots): Flashbots is a platform dedicated to mitigating MEV effects. Users can submit transactions to the mempool without incurring gas fees, and Flashbots provides valuable tools and resources for its users.
  • OnChain Dynamics (@OCDPortal): OCD is a bot that enhances MEV profits by automatically submitting transactions to Flashbots on behalf of users. It also offers analytical tools and arbitrage features.
  • Gnosis Auction (@gnosisauctionbot): Gnosis Auction allows users to create and participate in auctions for crypto assets. It provides educational resources to help users navigate the platform effectively.
  • Manifold (@manifoldmarketsbot): Manifold offers a platform for creating and participating in prediction markets. It provides users with tools and resources for a better understanding of the platform.
  • Mempool Auction (@mempoolauctionbot): Mempool Auction enables users to submit transactions to the mempool and bid on gas fees. It offers various resources to help users make the most of the platform.
  • JaredTheSubway (@JaredTheSubwayBot): Known for its high profitability and user-friendly interface, JaredTheSubway is a transparent MEV bot. It shares detailed reports on profit distribution with its users.
  • Blocksniper (@BlocksniperBot): Blocksniper is a popular MEV bot that swiftly identifies and executes profitable trades by monitoring the blockchain for opportunities.
  • Arken (@ArkenBot): Arken is another highly regarded MEV bot that excels in quick trade execution by actively monitoring the blockchain for profitable opportunities.
  • Mudit Gupta (@muditgupta_bot): Mudit Gupta, a developer, has created several popular MEV bots like Arken and Blocksniper. He also provides educational resources to help users understand MEV bots better.
  • Front Runner MEV (@front_runner_MEV): This bot specializes in front-running other transactions by scanning the mempool for pending transactions and submitting transactions with higher gas fees to get ahead. It also offers risk management and performance tracking features.

The Power of MEV Bots

MEV bots serve various purposes, including front-running, executing sandwich attacks, and monitoring liquidation opportunities. These bots offer significant profit potential but can also impact the crypto ecosystem by causing network congestion and granting unfair advantages.

Choosing the Right Bot

It’s crucial to understand that MEV and crypto sniper bots aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions. Selecting the right bot depends on your specific trading needs and goals. Before using any MEV bot, thorough research is essential to grasp the associated risks fully.

Telegram bots have revolutionized crypto trading, offering a more accessible entry point for users. With daily trading volumes surpassing $10 million and cumulative lifetime trading volumes exceeding $190 million, Telegram MEV bots are undeniably making their mark in the cryptocurrency world. As this trend continues to evolve, it’s essential to stay informed and vigilant when engaging with these bots.

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