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All about Launchblock is a decentralized launch pad where users gain access to early stage investment opportunity by locking their LBP tokens within the various Tiers on the Pad.. Investors get to benefit from the features of decentralized finance (De-Fi). helps investors and creators save on launch and marketing expenses, and it also offers them access to a sizable pool of resources like users and investors. It brings opportunity with the Tier system for retail investors and venture capitalists to early access investment, having taken investment from its lead investor Animoca Brands, is set to become to major launch pad int the space. 

Current Status of Launchblock’s token, $LBP, has experienced a happening start to 2022. has been a very active platform as it developed and launched both a’s platform and the $LBP token, already completing three IDOs since launching and all selling out within hours of going live. Many campaigns are underway to help increase the platform’s core users and increase the number of token holders. 

Key milestones that the platform has achieved by April 2022 are as follows: 

  1. The active launch of the DAO 
  1. A successful Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of $LBP on the Huobi Global platform.
  2. Listing of the $LBP on Kucoin, Huobi Global, and Uniswap 
  3. A popular claim Campaign for the community, with $LBP 1.4 Mn tokens claimed from the participants.
  4. Execution of three IDOs on the DAO
  5. Partnerships with Bountie Hunter and 

The $LBP Token 

$LBP is the driving force behind, and it will offer its holders the utility over multiple scenarios. Some of these are available right now, while some will be available after some time. 

Launchblock Pad offers the opportunity for early investment in IDOs.

Launchblock Stake offers token holders the option to stake their $LBP coins for a competitive Annual Percentage Yield

Launchblock Farm is an option for users looking for new token farming on the platform.

Launchblock Governance is where $LBP holders can vote on’s governance issues.

Launchblock’s IDO Investment Opportunities (IEO) recently opened up with the LBP token IEO on the Huobi exchange, this came as the first launchpad platform to be offered an IEO on a tier-one exchange, following this the LBP token also listed on Kucoin and Uniswap. offers its token holders access to its unique tier system. Every tier on the system offers its users access to IDO projects classified according to the project potential and its growth premise, with various allocated and accessibility being offered to the tiers. 

Other Opportunities Stake is where token investors can stake their tokens to earn a competitive annual percentage yield on their tokens. Since the platform offers more competitive rates to its investors, token holders can benefit from these by investing their tokens for a longer time. Farm allows its token investors’ to farm new tokens through the platform. This means that existing investors earn supplemental LBP tokens for participating in token farming campaigns. This will be a very attractive earning option once new third party projects distribute their tokens on 

Our Launchblock farming will offer users additional LBP token rewards for engaging in the farms. Governance allows LBP token holders will to have a say on governance matters related to This means that investors will be able to have a say on operational and new features that the platform offers. Over the long term, this will ensure that the rights and interests of investors are considered in all new development activities.

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