Coinbase Secures Significant Payment Institution License from Singapore’s Monetary Authority

Key Points:

  • Coinbase obtains MPI license from Singapore’s MAS.
  • Singapore emerges as a pivotal hub for crypto advancements.
  • Coinbase introduces tailored offerings for the Singapore market.

Singapore’s Monetary Authority (MAS) has recently granted a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license to Coinbase Singapore, a renowned digital currency platform. This announcement follows an earlier preliminary approval and solidifies Coinbase’s dedication to the financial market in Singapore. The license permits Coinbase to broaden its digital payment token offerings to regional institutional and individual clients.

Coinbase’s Strategic Triumph in Singapore

Coinbase Secures Significant Payment Institution License from Singapore’s Monetary Authority
Coinbase Secures Significant Payment Institution License from Singapore’s Monetary Authority

Singapore, with its strong economic blueprint and regulatory framework, has always been on the radar for Coinbase. The city-state’s positive stance towards digital economies aligns seamlessly with Coinbase’s overarching vision and aims.

Recent surveys highlight that a quarter of Singapore’s population perceives cryptocurrency as the next big leap in finance, with nearly one-third being current or previous owners of digital tokens. In addition, the nation is a hub for more than 700 Web3 firms, confirming its influential role in the crypto and Web3 space.

Recognizing Singapore’s market dynamics and burgeoning demands, Coinbase introduced tailored offerings for the locale. This year, user-friendly funding means were introduced, encompassing PayNow and FAST bank transactions. Furthermore, the company unveiled an improved registration process by integrating with SingPass – Singapore’s established digital identity system. The inception of zero-fee purchases using the USDC digital coin paired with SGD is another testament to their endeavors in simplifying crypto acquisition for Singaporeans.

Singapore’s Thriving Crypto Landscape

Coinbase’s engagement isn’t limited to product launches. They have been instrumental in nurturing the wider Web3 environment in Singapore via hiring drives at their tech epicenter, joining forces with industry bodies like ACCESS, or injecting capital into the region through Coinbase Ventures.

Their collaboration with vital local tech players such as and Blockdaemon, combined with cutting-edge solutions like the Base blockchain, showcases their commitment. Their rapport with academia is also noteworthy, having held sessions at renowned institutions such as the National University of Singapore.

Coinbase’s ethos revolves around elevating the financial paradigm by launching trustworthy products that accentuate the importance and acceptance of cryptocurrency. Their recent accolade from Singapore’s MAS is a testament to their operational excellence, mirroring an endorsement and a dual pledge to bolster Singapore’s crypto and Web3 world. This aligns with their efforts across Europe, having secured VASP licenses in multiple nations, including Spain and the Netherlands.


Securing the license from MAS is more than mere recognition. It’s a combined promise, with Coinbase poised to further its endeavors in Singapore, hand in hand with the vibrant crypto and Web3 fraternity.

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