Coinbase Secures Registration with Spain’s Central Bank, Expanding Services

Key Points:

  • Coinbase gains key registration with Spain’s Central Bank, enhancing European presence.
  • Cryptocurrencies have risen as Spain’s preferred payment method, surpassing bank transfers.
  • EU’s MiCA adoption showcases regional commitment to clear crypto regulation.

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency platform, has registered with the Central Bank of Spain. This critical registration positions Coinbase as Spain’s recognized cryptocurrency exchange and custodian wallet provider. With this validation, Coinbase can extend its comprehensive product and service range to retail customers and institutional entities within Spain, ensuring full alignment with the country’s regulatory guidelines.

Earlier, Coinbase had delineated its global expansion strategy, aptly named “Go Broad, Go Deep.” The company has vigorously explored avenues to fortify its international presence as part of this approach. The latest registration with the Bank of Spain is a testament to this ambitious plan, marking a noteworthy step in fortifying its European footprint.

Strategic Registration Amplifies Coinbase’s European Footprint

Coinbase Secures Registration with Spain's Central Bank, Expanding Services
Coinbase Secures Registration with Spain’s Central Bank, Expanding Services

Following this registration, Spanish users will unlock the following benefits:

  • Secure storage of cryptocurrency assets.
  • Procurement or liquidation of cryptocurrencies using legal tender.
  • Direct trading of one cryptocurrency for another.

Nana Murugesan, the Vice President of International and Business Development at Coinbase, remarked on this significant development: “Obtaining the Bank of Spain’s registration is a monumental step towards fostering and expanding our consumer base, institutional clientele, and developer associations in Spain. The global landscape is progressively leaning towards providing clear directives for the crypto sector. Over the past year, we’ve procured VASP registrations in Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands. We’ve also received preliminary approvals and commenced operations in regions including Singapore, Brazil, and Canada. Collaborating with regulators in these regions is pivotal to our international growth aspirations.”

Coinbase’s vision for sustainable growth is hinged on three pillars: establishing transparent regulations, innovating superior and accessible offerings, and building trust through these products. As part of its Phase II international strategy, the company emphasizes securing necessary licenses and registrations, customizing products to cater to local requirements, forming domestic collaborations, and bolstering local operations in markets like Spain, charting clear regulatory paths.

Cryptocurrency Adoption Skyrockets in Spain

Recent data reveals the growing traction of cryptocurrencies in Spain:

  • Nearly 29% of Spanish adults foresee cryptocurrencies steering the future of financial systems.
  • Cryptocurrencies have surpassed bank transfers, emerging as Spain’s second preferred payment modality.
  • A study by Bitnovo highlighted that a whopping 60.7% of Spaniards invest in cryptocurrencies with a long-term perspective, while 35.7% leverage them for daily transactions.
  • Spain houses 178 startups focusing on integrating blockchain within financial services.
  • The country’s demand for blockchain expertise has far surpassed initial expectations.


The European Union’s recent endorsement of the MiCA demonstrates the region’s commitment to fostering the cryptocurrency industry. This regulatory clarity augments the EU’s position in the crypto space, even as other prominent regions grapple with establishing a unified regulatory mechanism for this rapidly evolving sector.

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