Coinbase Provides Clarity on Suspension of Services for Indian Customers

Key Points:

  • Coinbase’s suspension of services in India is not a blanket action but is targeted at users who do not meet updated standards.
  • Coinbase Cloud services will remain accessible to Indian users, ensuring continuity in some services.
  • The cryptocurrency community is closely monitoring the situation due to the evolving regulatory environment in India
Coinbase Provides Clarity on Suspension of Services for Indian Customers
Coinbase Provides Clarity on Suspension of Services for Indian Customers

Recently, Coinbase, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency exchange market, has come forward to clarify rumors about discontinuing its services in India. The uncertainty began when a TechCrunch article indicated that the company aimed to cease its Indian operations by September 25.

The TechCrunch report led to widespread speculation among the crypto community and prompted Coinbase to clarify. The company wanted to dispel misunderstandings regarding the suspension of its services for Indian users, originally projected to take effect on the date above.

However, it’s important to note that the email notification was not a sweeping action affecting all Indian users. Instead, it targeted users who violated Coinbase’s updated standards. A spokesperson from Coinbase shared a portion of the email sent on September 8. It stated:

“We are reaching out to inform you that we will be discontinuing all Coinbase Retail services linked to your account mentioned above, as we will be disabling access for the retail accounts that no longer meet our updated standards for these services.”

Why Did The Coinbase Suspension Services for Indian Customers Happen?

In a key clarification, the spokesperson from Coinbase highlighted that the ongoing selective suspension will not affect customer access to Coinbase Cloud services. Therefore, it will remain available through their current accounts.

Furthermore, the spokesperson explained that the account suspensions resulted from a recent internal review that identified users not adhering to updated company guidelines. These accounts will be temporarily disabled, with owners given the chance to update their information for possible reactivation in the future.

This development is significant, considering Coinbase initially launched its services in India on April 7, 2022. Unfortunately, just days after the launch, on April 11, the exchange was forced to suspend payment services through the United Payments Interface (UPI) on its platform due to regulatory pressures in India.

The recent clarification by Coinbase has relieved its Indian user base. This is because the suspension of services appears to be more targeted than initially reported. It’s worth noting that this move is rooted in Coinbase’s commitment to maintaining updated service standards and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Coinbase’s recent clarification regarding the suspension of services for Indian users has shed light on the situation, alleviating concerns within the Indian crypto community. While the exchange faces regulatory challenges in India, it remains committed to maintaining high service standards and compliance. Indian users are advised to review their account status before the September 25 deadline. This ensures uninterrupted access to Coinbase’s services. The crypto world continues to watch closely as the Indian regulatory landscape evolves.

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