Small Bitcoin Wallets Reach Record Holdings; Whales Dominate Market

Key Points:

  • Record high ownership of Bitcoin by small wallets suggests increased retail investor participation and diversification in the crypto market.
  • The growing dominance of whale wallets in Bitcoin holdings underscores the significant influence of large investors on market dynamics.
  • The diverse distribution of Bitcoin across various wallet sizes reflects the broad appeal and accessibility of cryptocurrency investments.

A notable shift has occurred in the distribution of holdings across various wallet sizes. Recent data from Santiment, a market intelligence platform with on-chain & social metrics, reveals that wallets holding one or less Bitcoin have amassed their highest-ever total of 1.42 million Bitcoin, accounting for 7.3% of the total supply.

Since the beginning of November, small investors have aggressively increased their Bitcoin holdings. This trend signifies a growing interest and confidence in Bitcoin among retail investors. The increase in holdings by these smaller wallets contrasts with the slight decrease observed in mid-tier wallet holdings, those holding between 1 to 100 Bitcoins.

Whale Wallets Continue to Dominate

On the other end of the spectrum, ‘whale‘ wallets, or those holding over 100 Bitcoins, have shown an upward trend. These wallets now collectively possess a staggering 11.57 million Bitcoins, accounting for 59.1% of the total supply. This concentration of wealth highlights the significant influence of large investors in the Bitcoin market.

The 1-100 BTC wallet category, often considered a mid-tier investor group, collectively holds 6.57 million Bitcoins, about 33.6% of the total supply. This distribution indicates diverse participation in Bitcoin’s ecosystem, from small retail investors to large institutional players.

Bitcoin Current Price Action

The daily chart for BTC shows that the cryptocurrency has retraced back above the $42k level after a bullish reversal. This is largely driven by the surge in daily trading volume, indicating strong buying pressure from investors. Despite the stiff resistance at the $43k level, the uptrend is intact, with Bitcoin showing signs of further gains.

Technical indicators on the 1-day chart display a bullish sentiment, with the RSI (Relative Strength Index) above the 50 level amid bearish pullbacks. BTC is trading alongside the middle band on the Bollinger Band, which has been acting as a support level for the past few days.


The recent trends in Bitcoin wallet holdings paint a picture of a diversifying and evolving cryptocurrency market. The rise in small wallet holdings reflects a broader base of investors, suggesting increased mainstream acceptance and participation in Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the continued dominance of whales underscores the significant influence of large-scale investors in the market.

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