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Unlike other freelancing platforms, the unique business model lets resources keep all their earnings. The Braintrust Model also allows businesses to build up adaptive and skilled teams when needed at a much lower cost than what traditional headhunting firms would charge.

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The Braintrust platform is the first supported by a blockchain token that caters to the needs of both talent and enterprises. The community that uses Braintrust to get work are the same ones that build and gain from it. This makes sure that the network is always self-serving for its users. Compared to other freelancing networks that keep 20% to 40% of resource earnings, Braintrust lets its listed resources keep 100% of their profits and enables the employer to save on their budget costs by removing unnecessary intermediaries.

How Brain Trust Works?

People looking to work don’t have to pay any fees. They receive their total contracted rate. The clients pay 10% of the total contract value, much less than what other platforms charge. This fee covers operation costs. Braintrust is built to be self-supporting without chasing profits.

Work matchmaking on the network lets talent get a better choice over their work, eliminating traditional slow and price-cutting bid processes. The platform is run by its users. Users can vote on crucial network issues and control their future direction. That means the network also has little incentive to raise fees on talent unnecessarily.

Using decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, users act as liquidity providers (LPs), playing a pivotal role in bringing liquidity and setting the initial price and supply of assets. In Braintrust, the users are called “connectors.” They can join, get a different code, and add their network to Braintrust. When the connector-linked users start transacting, the network automatically rewards the users as a percentage of their transactions, also known as the Gross Services Value (GSV) they make. Users get tokens for each paid invoice.

Advantages of Brain Trust

The network doesn’t spend money on expensive marketing campaigns. Instead, it rewards its users by giving them $BTRST, the native token of the platform, to help grow the network. Anyone can sign up and start earning tokens by adding on clients and resources that will go on to transact on the platform. Users earn rewards based on their contributions to the platform.

Braintrust business model charges talent nothing and businesses 10%. This allows both employees and employers to save as much as 70% in their fees compared to other Web 2.0 freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. These savings attract high-quality enterprises with big, ongoing projects to increase the use of the platform.

Since the Braintrust network is the first decentralized talent network run by its users, unlike conventional Web 2.0 marketplaces where talent is taken advantage of, every user on Braintrust can voice their opinion about the platform’s development. This input from end-users lets the network keep its incentives aligned and its users invested in the network’s long-term success.

Concept of BrainTrust

The current patterns of working and employment are ineffective despite companies knowing that they are wholly reliant on the talent they hire (and retain). The employees are the ones that create, design, build and then sell the products. Employees are the foundations of the processes and innovations.

However, these employees have the least control over their work or how they are rewarded for their work. The capitalist marketplace for employees is based on getting the maximum worth out of employees and rewarding them the least for it. If a business does well, the shareholders get the most benefit in dividends. If the company doesn’t do so well, the workers are the first to face the impact.

All these inequalities were accepted because most of us didn’t know any better. And even if we did, there were no alternatives available. Post pandemic, the awareness that remote and hybrid or any variation of the usual 9-5 grind is both possible and practical is making waves worldwide.

Employees are adopting the freelancing and gig economy to a much greater extent now and

workers are moving away from traditional employment arrangements to prefer building their workspace as part of widespread freelance networks,

This revolution in working culture is coupled with a growing awareness of societal dysfunctions. Existing talent networks are following the trends of current businesses by extracting unnecessarily high charges from their users, using this to build up their enterprise value. Continuing this pattern means that the rich continue to get richer while the poor are restricted in their means of earning and growing away from poverty.

Braintrust on MEXC

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