An Interpretation of Art Blocks, A High-quality Asset

Art Blocks

Core Assets in the NFT World

NFT, a derivative asset of ETH, has two most important features:

  1. Beautiful appearance: It is easy for a holder to develop sentimental feelings for an asset, and a holder would willingly choose to get through the price roller coaster.
  2. Low liquidity: Even the best NFT asset targets may not be as liquid as FT assets, as is the case in any market.

Buying NFTs is like investing in real estate. If you have experience in buying and selling real estate, you can easily understand this. When buying a house, assets in the core location are scarce assets, and the same is true for the purchase of NFT assets.

Now, I think there are two core locations in the current NFT field:

Recognized blue chip + Art NFT (P.S.: The definition of core is changing, for instance, looking at the degent market in the past 3 weeks, degents seemed to be the core location at that time.)

NFT Collections Overview

Walking through Art NFT asset

Here, I will go through what I think are high-quality NFT art assets, and I do hold positions in most of the assets mention below. To understand “art NFT” assets, there are currently two principles:

  1. For 1/1 artwork like Superrare/Foundation, this is not a good choice at present. It is not an investment, but a consumption.
  2. It is a high-risk behavior to choose an artist with low traffic at the moment.

Let’s take a look at the high-quality art assets on the market. Today, we will focus on talking through the high-quality assets on “Art Blocks”.

Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro – Art Blocks Curated

Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro

Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro – Art Blocks Curated belongs to one of the top leading collections in the AB system, and the all-time average price is 4.75 ETH according to OS. Since it is impossible for us to return to the sentiment and the cost of purchasing NFT at the time, we have to increase the price slightly. As the starting price, I think it is reasonable for the normal starting range of the asset target to be around 5-7 ETH, and the chance of profit is very high.

This asset target is also used by quite a few blue-chip collections, such as Moonbirds, one of which attributes is Chromie Squiggle. This also proves that the asset target has been recognized by high-quality projects in the same industry on a certain level.


Meridian by Matt DesLauriers – Art Blocks Playground

Meridian by Matt DesLauriers

Meridian by Matt DesLauriers – Art Blocks Playground belongs to the Playground section of the AB series. This section generally does not have great effect on generating profits, but if an excellent artist comes along, there is still a possibility of a breakthrough from the underdogs.

The artist of this asset target Matt, has already received recognition from the market through an earlier project Subscapes by Matt DesLauriers – Art Blocks Curated. Hence, this is nature for him to start a new project at a lower cost.

However, the new project has surpassed the old project in terms of liquidity, increase and exposure.

The current start-up cost is relatively high, so it is advisable to keep on monitoring, and if the price is considerable if goes around 6-7 ETH. There is still room for profit, but it is relatively limited, and it is considered a low-risk and low-yield asset.

Memories of Qilin by Emily Xie – Art Blocks Curate

Memories of Qilin by Emily Xie

Memories of Qilin by Emily Xie – Art Blocks Curated is one of the high-quality projects in AB system. The pictures with strong texture in ukiyo-e style fascinate people who yearn for oriental culture. The artist, Emily Xie, as a successful generative visual artist, successfully combined coding and aesthetics, and became a mysterious oriental force. At the same time, I think this asset is rather similar to the anticyclone idea that I have interpreted earlier.

That being said, I think the current price of Memories of Qilin by Emily Xie – Art Blocks Curated is in the range of reasonable undervaluation, the distribution of holders is decent, and the floor is relatively thin. In the mid term, the profit should be at least about 1 ETH.

Anticyclone by William Mapan – Art Blocks Curated

Anticyclone by William Mapan

Anticyclone by William Mapan – Art Blocks Curated has completed the first stage of the trial, with a strong support of 65 29, it was directly included in the museum.

For the interpretation of the anticyclone, you may refer to the previous article:

In terms of price, the current price of 3 ETH is actually not in a good starting range, and you can try a 2-2.5 ETH Bid. However, if you are a USDT-margined buyer, this starting price is a good fit at the moment.

Every artist on Art Blocks is excellent without a doubt, but the current market is cruel. If a project does not have good expected valuation, or the cost is too high, the chances for holders to purchase are low. These assets have two traits: high-quality pictures with very little trading volume, and high price that makes purchase difficult.

In fact, as an NFT holder, you can purchase it without overthinking if you like.

P.S. All the suggestions in this issue are based on the assumption that you have the ability to afford and when the ETH market price is relatively stable.

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