[2022/7/21] Episode 2! MEXC Talk Show——Talk with BŌSŌ TOKYO|The rising of Web3 projects in Japan

The second episode of the MEXC Talk Show series “Talk with BŌSŌ TOKYO | The Rise of Web3 Project in Japan”, hosted by MEXC on Twitter Space, was held on July 21 at 8:00pm (UTC+8). For this roundtable discussion,we invited SPEED, the Global Comms Manager for BŌSŌ TOKYO, to discuss the rise of Web3.0 in Japan and the story behind the BŌSŌ TOKYO project.

We had also prepared Q&A gift packs for everyone. If you participated in the event, you’d have the opportunity to win a valuable NFT whitelist provided by BŌSŌ TOKYO project. In this event, you not only learnt professional investment insights, but also obtained the precious “password of wealth”.

(For prize details, please refer to “How to Participate” below)

Event Time:

July 21 8:00 PM(UTC+8)

Venue:MEXC GLOBAL Twitter Space 

How to Participate: 

Click into the event link to complete all the steps and you’re ready to go!

Reward Distribution

Prize Pool 1 (10 NFT whitelists)

Eligible prize winnerTotal rewardReward/Number of winners
Users who completed all Gleam missions10个NFT whitelists1 whitelist/person

Prize Pool 2 (Futures experience prize worth 100USDT)

Eligible prize winnerTotal rewardReward/Number of winners
Users who stayed online on Twitter Space5 NFT whitelists1 whitelist/person

Announcement of prize winners

We announce it here on July 26.

No.Prize Pool 1Prize Pool 2

How to mint NFTs?

 BŌSŌ TOKYO NFT Sales Date and Time

PreSale(GMT-5)7/28 9:00-7/29 8:59 

PreSale For Whitelisted users

Price: 0.4 ETH

Check out BOSO TOKYO’s Web Site for more sale information!


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