AI and Quantum Topics Unexpectedly Excluded from US Presidential Debate

Story Highlights:

  • The 2024 presidential debate in Atlanta conspicuously omitted discussions on AI and quantum computing, technologies crucial to future economic and security paradigms.
  • Despite significantly influencing the U.S. stock market, artificial intelligence and the pivotal technological milestone Q-Day were overlooked in the debate.
  • Quantum computing, poised to revolutionize encryption, received no attention in the presidential debate, missing a chance to address this critical advancement.

The initial presidential debate of 2024, conducted in Atlanta on June 27, remarkably overlooked critical technology discussions despite their growing influence on global economies and security. The debate’s silence on these subjects was notable as the world edges closer to significant technological thresholds like artificial general intelligence and quantum computing.

AI and Quantum Missing in Presidential Debate

For the first time since 1960, the debate was held without a live audience. It covered various topics, from immigration to the economy. However, it conspicuously ignored any mention of artificial intelligence (AI) or quantum computing. 

This omission comes when AI notably influences the U.S. stock market and economy, and quantum computing is poised to revolutionize data encryption and security.

Experts suggest that the next U.S. president will confront pivotal moments like “Q-Day,” when quantum computers potentially decrypt current encryption methods. 

This looming reality makes the debate’s lack of focus on such technologies a critical oversight. Moreover, a Bank of America report states AI will inject over $13 trillion into the global economy by 2030, highlighting the economic stakes.

Conventional Threats Eclipse Tech Challenges

While the debate emphasized traditional concerns such as climate change, which President Joe Biden labeled as the sole existential threat, it neglected the nuanced challenges posed by AI and quantum technologies. 

This oversight was apparent despite AI firms constituting a significant portion of the world’s most valuable companies and the potential for quantum computing to impact sectors like finance and logistics.

This oversight in the presidential debate could suggest either a strategic omission by the organizers or a setup for future debates to delve into these pressing topics. Nonetheless, there needs to be more discussion on AI, quantum computing, and other technological issues like cryptocurrency and election security, which was a glaring gap in addressing the comprehensive challenges and opportunities for the nation.

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