X-Oasis -Don’t Miss a World Class NFT Game/Community Project

X-Oasis is a World Class NFT Game/Community Project with integrating human consciousness into the game, which brings player to a whole new world. X-Oasis is designed into Five Blocks: All-in-one Commercial Centre, Real-time Sports Betting, Online Casino, NFT Art Galleria and All-Day Press meetings.

  • All-in-one commercial center

X-Oasis is a world class digital community, where you can live, shop, trade and communicate better than never. Every process of commercials is digitalized, all business can be conducted in C2C manner, but much more secured and sufficient thanks to the full penetration of block-chain technology.

X-Oasis gathered Top-tier brands for trending industries, here is the showcase that faces all the buyers worldwide. X-Oasis created a [1+1 Business Logic] where consumers receives goods through global offline logistics together with a NFT to certify the authentication of the goods which contains the unique information of the product starts from its manufacturing till it arrives in your hand.

  • Real-time sports betting

X-Oasis is created for those who love adventure, it’s the birthplace of greatness, and the cradle of fortune. If you love the excitement of sports, or fancy the thrill of betting on it, you’ll find yourself in heaven.

In the cutting edge high-tech stadium, X-Oasis fully digitalized all the sports championships, first hand, live broadcast, and captured every detail of the game through motion camera, everything is passed to you through 4-D VR outfit. You will experience the vibe of the game, the mild changes of weather like you were there.

  • Online casino

This part of X-Oasis is your portable Las Vegas. What happens in Las Vegas, is happens better in X-Oasis. We hold all gambles in the Casino, Texas Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette… You name it, you’ll have it. Of course, everything is legal here, plus you don’t need to worry about what happens in real casinos… all the odds are calculated by block-chain algorithms. We have ZERO tolerance for render manipulation, no one rigs the fortune, no one could play God, because Everyone Is The Centre In A Decentralized World.

  • Net art galleria 

For Artists and dealers, X-Oasis made a NFT Art Galleria, you will have the chance of lifetime to witness the introduction of fine arts and masterpiece to the world. Any NFT designers can build a gallery of his own, and you’ll be able to see his work through your screen or VR head set. Of course, X-Oasis will sponsor the build of collection for Top-tier collectors. You can set your own rules of privacy if you want to charge fee for visitings. You can introduce your collections to potential buyer or friends in your private Art Museum.

  • All day press meetings

X-Oasis arranges 24/7 Non-Stop Announcements And Press Meetings on air. You shall have first hand, in-time information of Public Offerings, Product releases, Celebrity Talks, Cannes, Grammys and even Coldplay concerts (who’s having 48 concerts planned for the year) if your stay tuned. All the important updates to this world is updated to you right after it takes place.

2.X-Oasis DAO(XOD)

XOD is XoasisDAO,the entire oasis is led by DAO,and most profits will become DAO’s liquid. XOD will poll vote among HOMINIDs owners, one HOMINID bares 1 VOTE. 50% of the proceeds from X-OASIS Casino, Sports Betting, etc. and 80% of the TAXFEE from X-OASIS NFT Market will be distributed to DAO. The voting result will instruct DAO to invest in Blue Chips NFTs (as a starter, other promising projects will be considered). XOD aims to be a world-class Crypto Project Investment Fund along the increase of X-OASIS users.

3.Project Highlights

Gamefi is the highlight of this project. XOasis team is keeping in touch with over fifty game companies and studios.They hope to offer a platform for traditional game companies to complete the on-chain and asset transformation process. All Gamefi can easily complete the upgrade and implementation with XOasis ecological assistance. XOasis will provide a unified platform token and NFT technology for supporting the metaverse development of game companies. At the same time, a large number of game applications will help the original NFT on XOasis platform with an unparalleled full application. 

In addition, Oasis owned 12×12 and 6×6 lands in Sandbox. Helping Xoasis users to settle in the Sandbox metaverse easily. Compared with other current NFT/ Metaverse, XOasis is much more advanced as they have already purchased and prepared for users before the project starts, they don’t need to buy after mint. In the future, part of the land interest and construction benefits will be used for Xoasis DAO funding to build the Xoasis ecosystem and purchase the blue-chip NFT from the market. At the same time, XOasis users also enjoy the entertainment, social and other services in the sandbox.

4.XOasis Token

XOasis native token will be embedded in the business process, and link it up with an in-game token after reviewing their token economic model. Based on the application of different blocks or games required, different tokens may be used and earned from that. Users can exchange it back as native tokens. The tokenomics will be accounted soon.

5.Team Background

The founder team is senior gamers and NFT collectors. They found that many centralized traditional games have deficiencies in asset ownership. Meanwhile, the transformation of many chain games in Gamefi 1.0 brought new innovations to traditional games. At the same time, after the transformation, it still lacks the diversity of assets and the experience of the game. Therefore, they established Xoasis, hoping to bring all the high-quality 3A games into the world, and create a brand-new Gamefi 2.0 ecosystem with the integration of NFT assets + exchange aggregators focusing on Gamefi NFT.

Recently, XOasis has reached strategic cooperation with top platforms such as OpenDAO, Binance, Huobi, etc. Meanwhile, they are cooperating with the top exchange platforms and communities like Nanopass and Tastybone.

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