Worldcoin: An Introduction to Revolutional Finance and Blockchain Identity

In the fast-paced world of technological advancements, Worldcoin has emerged as a visionary project. It aims to reshape the global financial landscape through the ingenious integration of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it is founded by a team of trailblazers. The list includes OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Alex Blania, and Max Novendstern. Now, Worldcoin is embarking on a mission to combat income inequality. They are also aiming to provide a biometric global identity and financial system to all.

Worldcoin: An Introduction to Revolutional Finance and Blockchain Identity
What is Worldcoin (WLD)Worldcoin: An Introduction to Revolutional Finance and Blockchain Identity

What is the Core Idea of Worldcoin?

At its core, Worldcoin stands as a cryptocurrency and digital identity initiative with a multifaceted vision. The project comes with a three-part mission. It revolves around the creation of a globally unique digital identity, the establishment of a global currency known as the Worldcoin token, and the development of a user-friendly app enabling seamless transactions across various cryptocurrencies and traditional assets.

In the meantime, Tools for Humanity (TFH), the company behind Worldcoin, raised an impressive $115 million in a Series C funding round led by Blockchain Capital in May 2023. Prior investments from prominent backers like a16z and Khosla Ventures illustrate the widespread support for Worldcoin’s innovative ambitions.

Central to Worldcoin’s vision is the concept of “proof-of-personhood,” a groundbreaking idea championed by Sam Altman. To establish this proof, Worldcoin introduced the Orb, an eye-scanning device designed to conduct in-person iris scans on individuals. This biometric verification process generates a unique World ID for each participant, providing secure and tamper-resistant identification.

The Orb is part of a network of scanning centers spread across 35 countries and growing. It ensures accessibility for people from diverse backgrounds and locations. Furthermore, early adopters will receive Worldcoin (WLD), the native token of the Worldcoin protocol. It is a gesture of appreciation for their participation in the project.

Currently, individuals can gain access to the decentralized Worldcoin ecosystem through the World app. They can also transact using their World ID alongside other cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. As the network expands, developers have the opportunity to create online and mobile applications using the World ID Software Development Kit (SDK). Hopefully, it will foster a vibrant and innovative developer community.

Worldcoin’s Vision

Worldcoin’s commitment to open-source principles and a decentralized approach underpins its vision of creating a fair and inclusive global financial system. By empowering individuals with secure digital identities and enabling frictionless transactions, Worldcoin aims to bridge the gap between the unbanked and the global economy, unlocking opportunities for economic growth and financial inclusivity.

With its unique convergence of cutting-edge technologies and a humanitarian mission to address income inequality, Worldcoin stands at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, leaving a lasting impact on the world of finance and identity verification since its launch on July 24, 2023.


Worldcoin, with its innovative convergence of blockchain, AI, and biometrics, stands as a transformative force in the global financial landscape. Through Orb’s groundbreaking “proof-of-personhood” and a commitment to financial inclusivity, Worldcoin aims to empower individuals worldwide, unlocking opportunities for economic growth and redefining the future of identity verification. With its recent launch, Worldcoin’s journey has begun, and its potential impact on finance and identity remains promising as it paves the way for a fairer and more connected world.

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