Words Explanations in Futures


Wallet balance =  Deposit amount – Withdrawal amount + Realized PnL

Realized PnL = Total PnL of closed positions – Total fees – Total funding cost

Total Equity = Wallet balance + Unrealized PnL

Position Margin = Funding for the position, generally including all the user’s positions (cross or isolated) – Please note that the position margin of MEXC Futures only includes the traders’ isolated margin and the initial margin of the cross position, excluding the floating margin under cross positions.

The margin of open orders = all frozen funds of open orders

Available = Wallet balance – Margin of isolated position – Initial margin of cross margin positions – Frozen assets of open orders

Net asset balance = Funds available for asset transfers and the opening of new positions

Unrealized PnL = sum of all floating profits and losses   

Insurance fund: to ensure the success of any forced liquidation process. When a trader fails to pay a margin call, the shortfall is first taken from the insurance fund.

Funding fee = Funding rate * Position value;

The funding fee will be charged every 8 hours. The user will receive or pay the funding fee, depending on the positive or negative rate of the funding rate, as well as the long or short direction of the user’s holding. If the user holds long positions and the funding fee is positive, the funding fee will need to be paid; if the funding rate is negative, the user will receive the funding fee.

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