Why is CoreDAO so Popular?

We were all about CoreDAO for the past week. However, this week will soon become did you get CORE tokens? CoreDAO is an exciting new project that has recently gotten a lot of traction. Why is CoreDAO so popular? What are the reasons to buy or invest in CoreDAO? Let’s find out in this article.

Why is CoreDAO so Popular?
Why is CoreDAO so Popular?

What is CoreDAO?

Before we begin, we should understand what is CoreDAO. CoreDAO or CORE is a new independent blockchain that promotes true decentralization. It is a scalable, secure, and decentralized blockchain for everyone. It is the first Turing-complete blockchain based on the Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism. Check out the full article on what is CoreDAO here!

Five Reasons why CoreDAO is So Popular

1. CoreDAO Aims to Solve the Blockchain Trilemma

Satoshi Plus is a new consensus mechanism that Core DAO designs. The core of BTC and ETH inspires this consensus to combine the benefits of PoW and DPoS while overcoming their disadvantages. Currently, the community is expecting Satoshi Plus Consensus to be the best solution to the Blockchain triangle Trilemma.

It comes with Bitcoin’s arithmetic ensuring decentralization, DPoS, and a leadership election mechanism ensuring scalability. It also comes with a collaborative maintenance network ensuring security. Furthermore, their mainnet was already managing more than 142k transactions despite launching for less than a month. This symbolizes public acceptance and future potential.

2. CoreDAO has 11 Million Registered Users

For those who did not believe in CoreDAO, here is solid proof. Currently, Core DAO has approximately 11 million registered users. It also has 6 million users mined and up to 1.6 million transactions per day. The community’s social media data also performs admirably. At the moment, its Twitter account has over 1.5 million followers while its Discord channel has up to 161,759 members.

The Core community is growing very quickly and it is not a fluke. Furthermore, CoreDao has plans to include the NFT community. There are already multiple NFT launchpads and cool NFT projects slated to launch very soon. This will create a diverse portfolio of community. In fact, CoreDAO contributor Brendon mentioned that they might have an NFT surprise for the community during the AMA with MEXC, check it out now!

3. CoreDAO Airdrop is Coming Soon

CoreDAO is organizing a special airdrop event for the community. Users do not require any special hardware. You also do not need to attend any real-world events in order to receive it. The upcoming CORE airdrop on February 8, 2023, will distribute 25.03% of Core’s total token supply to the community. Meanwhile, the remaining balance will slowly be unlocked in a two-year timespan.

Additionally, CoreDAO did not accept any investment from a third party. Meaning, there were no early token sales or investors free-riding on the work of contributors. Instead, everyone was working hard and striving towards a better consensus. They do not compromise on decentralization, security, or scalability with the novel consensus mechanism.

4. Core Staking is Possible

Token staking is another important feature of Core. It is also a very attractive feature that made the community excited about the CoreDAO project. The Satoshi Plus consensus uses DPoS. Meaning, users can temporarily lock their tokens in a smart contract while validating a new block.

Token staking is a scalable method of mining new blocks as well as a method of earning passive income. Furthermore, the protocol will compensate users who stake their tokens. Additionally, staking has the advantage of frequently reducing token volatility. When there are fewer tokens available for short-term trades, the coin prices will less likely to fluctuate.

5. Major CEX such as MEXC is Listing CoreDAO

As a new project, CoreDAO is very successful in creating a project that will innovate society. In fact, major exchanges are preparing to list CORE/USDT in their spot market. However, none are faster than MEXC! Find out how to buy CORE/USDT now!

Is CoreDAO Legit?

Of course, CoreDAO is legit! The proof is right here in this article. Blockchain will be the foundation of humanity’s digital law and order for the next 300+ years and CoreDAO will be one of the projects that laid a strong foundation. CoreDAO is here for the long term and everything begins in 2 days! Get your CORE tokens now.

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