Why Did Aptos Soar 400% in 30 Days

Bitcoin failed to reach $24k. Despite the resistance, Aptos is not stopping. They are basically heading to the moon right now. In the past 7 days, Aptos gained over 133% increase. Furthermore, it gained a whopping 400% in just 30 days! Check out their live token price now!

Why Did Aptos Soar 400% in 30 Days
Why Did Aptos Soar 400% in 30 Days

Why is Aptos Performing So Well?

According to the charts above, Aptos is breaking all resistance and rushing to the moon. In mere 7 days, they saw a 133% growth. Furthermore, APT reached an all-time high of $20.3522 before cooling down a bit. This growth came from the collaboration between PancakeSwap and Aptos.

PancakeSwap is working to increase its visibility in the Aptos Ecosystem. This will attract more Aptos-based projects toward the swap. Pancake will also bring current and future products into the ecosystem. This initiative – “Confirmation Proposal for Aptos Multichain Farm Emission” has successfully rallied Aptos onto a 7-day growth of 133.9%.

Furthermore, the entire crypto market was rallying thanks to Bitcoin and a slower US inflation rate. As the consumer price index’s numbers were favorable, the entire market saw a rare sight of greenery. In fact, many altcoins are benefiting from the BTC rally.

Is There Any Potential in Aptos NFT?

At the moment, a lot of Aptos NFTs are selling like hotcakes. The demand is skyrocketing and it contributes to the Aptos rally as well. Topaz, one of the more popular marketplaces, has recently seen triple and even quadruple increases in the volumes of multiple NFT collections. Furthermore, Tracemove’s NFT list shows a significant transaction count on many of the leading Aptos-based projects. Time to get your hands on some NFTs now! Meanwhile, you should really join in the hype and start trading Aptos (APT) at MEXC! Find out how right here!

Closing Thoughts

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