Bosch and – $100M Foundation to Grow Web3 and AI

Bosch and Cambridge-based have launched a $100 million foundation to fuel the adoption of Web3 technologies. This foundation aims to increase the adoption of Web3, AI, and also software agents. Learn more about Fetch.AI now!

Bosch and Fetch.AI - $100M Foundation to Grow Web3 and AI
Bosch and Fetch.AI – $100M Foundation to Grow Web3 and AI. Image from Network Medium Page

Bosch and Join Hands to Create a Better Web3 Future

The foundation, called the “ Foundation,” will provide funding and resources to support developers, startups, and academic institutions working on Web3, AI, and blockchain technologies. The alliance aims to foster collaboration between different organizations to accelerate the development of Web3 technologies and create an open and decentralized economy.

Furthermore, Bosch and will work together to manage the foundation and provide strategic direction to ensure its success. The announcement is the latest sign of growing interest in Web3 and blockchain technologies as more companies and organizations explore their potential applications.

The CEO of stated:

“This is an exciting step in’s development as we will see our Web3 tech offerings supporting real world industry applications with partners such as Bosch. Bosch will also assist us in hastening Web3 adoption in the industry and encouraging other industry participants to join us on this path. Additional industrial applications will also create new commercial opportunities for the ecosystem’s existing tech entrepreneurs.”

Meanwhile, the announcement boosted’s native token FET. In 24 hours, we saw almost a 12% increase in their price, inching closely to almost 5 cents. Check the live price FET/USDT and start trading at MEXC now!


Web3 and artificial intelligence is growing steadily. We are also looking at many new AI projects and Web3 adoptions. It is safe to say that not long from the future, we will be able to witness the full might of machine learning and AI programs.

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