ASENIX is a web3 protocol that aims to provide support and investments in solutions for ocean pollution. It hopes to create a peaceful and sustainable future with the power of decentralization and blockchain.

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The Current Situation With Ocean Pollution

The accumulation of plastic in our oceans is reaching a critical juncture. The vast Great Pacific Garbage Patch positioned between California and Hawaii is now estimated to be three times the expanse of France. Heart-wrenching images of animals ensnared in plastic serve as a poignant reminder of this mounting crisis.

While plastic pollution has become glaringly apparent, one of the most elusive forms of ocean contamination is microplastics. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade; instead, it fractures into ever smaller particles, ultimately manifesting as microplastics. These minute particles, measuring less than 5mm, constitute a substantial portion of the countless millions of tons of plastic debris engulfing our oceans.

Furthermore, the repercussions of marine pollution reverberate beyond aquatic life. It is extending to us, as we inadvertently ingest some of these marine creatures. In response, proposals for colossal robotic skimmers have emerged, envisioning a cleanup of the water. However, ASENIX believes that the paramount solution lies in addressing plastic pollution at its origin. Our research has unearthed a staggering statistic: approximately 80% of plastic stems from unsustainable human production and consumption practices.

How Does ASENIX Raise Awareness?

The ASENIX Initiative aims to securely endure and resiliently safeguard the oceans’ most vital zones. It will be a commitment that resonates across present and forthcoming generations. Therefore, ASENIX will spearhead the recognition of ocean challenges. They are providing advocacy campaigns that empower individuals to harness the potency of intellectual discourse, meticulously researched data, and the influence of the Internet and social media. These channels serve as conduits to convey these democratic ideals to governmental authorities on regional, national, and global fronts.

The team also provides financial support for scientific research addressing ocean pollution and degradation. The ENIX Labs, an integral entity within the ASENIX Ecosystem, pledges allegiance to identifying and funding teams committed to swiftly crafting innovative, long-term solutions to combat oceanic challenges.

Meanwhile, ASENIX is introducing the Water Refill Map App. It is an interactive resource housing over 11,500 Refill locations aiming to reduce single-use plastic bottles consumptions. This initiative encourages the practice of bottle reutilization and refilling. Hopefully, it will be a step toward curbing one of the principal culprits of plastic pollution. Head on to ASENIX and find out how you can play a part in protecting the ocean!

Where to buy ENIX Token

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What is the Price of ENIX Tokens?

The ENIX Token is currently trading at MEXC with a live price of $0.001169. It has a fully diluted market cap of $577,094. You can check the live price of their token right here!

How to buy ENIX Tokens on MEXC

You can buy ENIX Tokens on MEXC by following the steps:

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  2. Search “ENIX” using the search bar to see the available trading pairs. Take ENIX/USDT as an example.
  3. Scroll down and go to the [Spot] box. Enter the amount of ENIX you want to buy. You can choose from opening a Limit order, a Market order, or a Stop-limit order. Take Market order as an example. Click [Buy ENIX] to confirm your order. You will find the purchased ENIX in your Spot Wallet.

You can find a detailed guide on how to buy ENIX Tokens here.

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