What is AKITA Inu (AKITA)?

AKITA Inu or AKITA (AKITA/USDT – trade it here) is one of the memecoins on the internet. The goal of this project team is to bring governance to the community and to empower token holders. The team has bridged Akita Inu token (ERC-20) to Avalanche where they launched decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and the governance protocol. In this article, I will talk about everything you need to know about the project, including how to buy AKITA token. Basic information for their token is available on the MEXC Digital asset introduction page.


What is AKITA network DAO?

It is a DAO that has a reserve currency protocol on Avalanche. The protocol is based on the gAKITA token, which is backed by AKITA-wAVAX LP tokens in the treasury of AKITA network DAO, with an intrinsic value that it can’t fall below. Furthermore, there are two ways to participate in the DAO: staking and minting. You can either mint by exchanging discounted gAKITA tokens for LP tokens or gAKITA tokens after a set vesting period, or you can stake your gAKITA tokens in exchange for more gAKITA tokens.

What are the benefits provided by AKITA?

Stakeholders primarily benefit from supply increase. From the treasury, the protocol creates new gAKITA tokens, the bulk of which are given to the stakers. Stakeholders will therefore benefit from their autocompounding balances, however price exposure will still be a key factor to take into account. In other words, stakers would profit if the increase in token balance exceeded the possible decline in price, caused by inflation.

The biggest advantage for minters is the stability of prices. The profit made by the minter depends on the price of gAKITA when the minted gAKITA reaches maturity. Minters invest capital up front and are guaranteed a specified return at a predetermined period. Because of this, minters profit from a growing or steady price for the gAKITA token!

How to buy AKITA token?

You can buy AKITA on MEXC by following the steps:

  1. Log in to your MEXC account and click [Trade]. Click on [Spot].
  2. Search “AKITA” using the search bar to see the available trading pairs. Take AKITA/USDT as an example.
  3. Scroll down and go to the [Spot] box. Enter the amount of tokens you want to buy. You can choose from opening a Limit order, a Market order, or a Stop-limit order. Take Market order as an example. Click [Buy AKITA] to confirm your order. You will find the purchased tokens in your Spot Wallet.

You can find a detailed guide on how to buy AKITA token here.

Recent Price Performance

AKITA reached the highest price (ATH) of 0.0000295 USD on May 11, 2021. The lowest price since the ATH date was 0.0000000855 USD on November 22, 2022. You can check the live price right here!

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