Value Fund Baupost Invests in Soaring Amazon

Key Points:

  • Baupost makes an investment in skyrocketing Amazon well over its standard value objectives.
  • Additionally, Baupost purchased more conventional value stocks like Dollar General.
  • Hedge Fund reduced its holdings in highly valued Alphabet Inc.

Despite Amazon’s astonishing 67% year-to-date gain, investment firm Baupost Group took an unexpected wager on the e-commerce behemoth by purchasing shares. The hedge fund run by Seth Klarman stands out for its unusual preference for value stocks like Amazon.

Value Fund Baupost Invests in Soaring Amazon
Value Fund Baupost Invests in Soaring Amazon. Image from New Straits Times

Contrary to the Rich Valuation

Amazon’s current price-to-earnings ratio of 112 is far above the average of the S&P 500, which is roughly 40. This high price tag is out of character for Baupost’s typical prey.

Despite Amazon’s inflated price, Baupost has repurchased shares after previously selling them in early 2022, before the tech stock market crash. Amazon’s stock price has doubled due to the rising use of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT.

Despite selling at over 50 times the anticipated earnings, Baupost still finds Amazon intriguing. As such, it is moving away from its traditional focus on value stocks.

The Standard Value Roles

In addition to Amazon, Baupost has made investments in firms with more conventional value propositions. For instance, it has invested in Dollar General, a discount retailer whose P/E ratio is a relatively low 15.

The fund also increased its holdings in CRH, a producer of construction goods, and Union Pacific, a railroad company, since they represent more steady growth at more reasonable prices. This is consistent with Baupost’s usual strategy of seeking out undervalued stocks at low prices.

Minimize Expenditure on Some Vital Pieces of Technology

Baupost reduced its massive investment in Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, to fund its purchase of Amazon. The Fund reduced concentrated risk by selling its holdings in Alphabet Inc., which has gained 48% this year.


This activity shows that the market’s bifurcation can cause even the most disciplined value investors, like Baupost, to deviate from their strategy. Amazon’s dominant position in online retail makes the company’s promising future growth prospects appealing despite its lofty price tag.

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