U.S. President Biden also Adjust Stances on Cryptocurrency

  • Trump and Biden target crypto votes with policy pivots.
  • Biden reworks the crypto stance discussed at a major crypto conference.
U.S. President Biden also Adjust Stances on Cryptocurrency
U.S. President Biden also Adjust Stances on Cryptocurrency

In a significant shift, former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden are adjusting their positions on cryptocurrency, targeting the influential crypto-voting bloc ahead of the November presidential election. This change highlights a strategic pivot as both candidates seek to sway voters by aligning their policies with the interests of crypto enthusiasts.

Trump Embraces Crypto After Previous Skepticism

Donald Trump, who previously criticized Bitcoin as a “scam,” has altered his stance considerably, acknowledging the potential influence of cryptocurrency holders in the upcoming election. This month, Trump addressed an estimated 50 million crypto holders in the U.S., promising to defend their right to self-custody and to resist legislative attacks on cryptocurrencies.

His promises broadcast widely across media outlets, have repositioned him as a pro-crypto candidate, garnering extensive coverage and social media engagement. 

Trump’s new approach directly challenges President Biden’s policies, which have been viewed as less favorable to the crypto community. In his campaign rhetoric, Trump vowed to halt Biden’s ‘crusade’ against cryptocurrencies, positioning himself as a protector of digital asset rights.

Biden Rethinks Crypto Strategy Amid Election Pressure

Recognizing the need to respond to Trump’s pivot, the Biden campaign has reevaluated its crypto policies. Although the President has a record of skepticism towards digital currencies, once stating plainly, “I don’t have bitcoin,” his campaign has recently launched efforts to refine his stance on cryptocurrency legislation. This includes reworking messaging on key legislative proposals such as FIT21 and SAB 121, though specifics of these adjustments have yet to be publicly detailed.

Biden’s change in approach was notably discussed at this year’s largest crypto conference, where main-stage speakers highlighted his policy shift. Despite not altering his campaign’s policy on accepting crypto donations, Biden’s team actively enhances crypto-related communications to appeal to voters prioritizing this issue.


Both candidates’ shifts underscore the growing importance of cryptocurrency as a pivotal issue in American politics, especially as the election nears. With less than six months until the vote, the pro-crypto community’s support is up for grabs, and both Trump and Biden are keenly aware that their positions could sway crucial swing votes in a tightly contested race.

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