Thunder Terminal’s Swift Response: Safeguarding User Funds Amid Security Breach

In a recent development reported by ZachXBT’s investigation, an attacker successfully took control of 86.5 ETH, equivalent to approximately 192,000 USD, and executed a transfer to Railgun. The incident unfolded swiftly, prompting Thunder Terminal, the platform affected by the security breach, to take immediate action and reassure users of the safety of their funds.

What Happen to Thunder Terminal?

The security breach occurred when the attacker managed to gain control of a substantial amount of Ethereum, executing a transfer to Railgun. Such incidents can send shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community, emphasizing the importance of robust security measures within the ecosystem.

Thunder Terminal, however, demonstrated a commendable level of responsiveness in the face of the security incident. Within moments of detecting the unauthorized transfer, the platform swiftly intervened to prevent further compromise of user funds. Importantly, Thunder Terminal assured users that no wallet had its private key compromised during the attack, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to user security.

In a public announcement addressing the security breach, Thunder Terminal provided crucial details about the incident and the subsequent actions taken to mitigate the impact. The platform revealed that only 114 wallets, a small fraction of the more than 14,000 wallets on Thunder Terminal, were compromised in the attack. This limited scope reflects the effectiveness of the security measures in place, preventing a more widespread impact on user accounts.

Thunder Terminal’s Action

One of the most reassuring aspects of Thunder Terminal’s response is the speed at which the attack was neutralized. In less than nine minutes, the platform successfully halted the unauthorized transactions, preventing further losses and securing the remaining user funds. This quick and decisive action showcases Thunder Terminal’s commitment to user protection and its ability to respond effectively to emerging threats.

Crucially, Thunder Terminal pledged to refund the funds to the affected users. It demonstrates accountability and a commitment to mitigating any potential financial losses resulting from the security breach. Such proactive measures not only help retain user trust. It also sets a positive precedent for handling security incidents within the broader cryptocurrency industry.


As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, security remains a paramount concern for users and platforms alike. The Thunder Terminal incident highlights the importance of continuous vigilance and proactive response mechanisms in safeguarding user assets. The cryptocurrency community, ever watchful of security practices, will undoubtedly appreciate Thunder Terminal’s swift and transparent handling of this security breach. This incident serves as a reminder for all platforms to prioritize and invest in robust security infrastructure to protect user funds in an increasingly interconnected and dynamic digital landscape.

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