THNDER Games Launches a Play-to-Earn Mobile Game: Club Bitcoin Solitaire

THNDR Games launches a new play-to-earn (P2E) Bitcoin game called Club Bitcoin: Solitaire for mobile devices. The mission of the new game is to let more people know about BTC by concentrating on female audiences and rising markets. Players are able to earn BTC for free by playing popular card games.

Club Bitcoin: Solitaire and BTC
Club Bitcoin: Solitaire

More and more people own a smart device in the world, nearly 3 billion people are playing mobile games globally. What’s more, 63% of the mobile game players are women, indicating that this is a great opportunity to introduce the mobile version of Solitaire to involve more women in BTC and cryptocurrency industry in general. Players can utilize this safe, fun gaming platform to earn their first sats and may evokes initial interest in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin & Gaming

BTC has been used as a virtual gaming currency since the Lightning Network initiated. The Lightning Network is a layer 2 network built on the Bitcoin blockchain that allows faster and more affordable BTC transactions. With this payment protocol, BTC could be applied in game purchases and other related activities easier as it becomes safer and more scalable in the future.

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