Terra Founder Do Kwon Takes Full Responsibility for Luna’s collapse

Mid 2022, we witnessed the downfall of a stablecoin, LUNA. In a recent podcast interview on the Unchained Podcast, Do Kwon acknowledged that he is to blame for Terra’s demise and that there could have been design flaws that contributed to it.

Terra Founder Do Kwon

While talking with host Laura Shin, Do Kwon says that this had been a journey filled with burden. “Whatever issues existed in Terra’s design, its weakness [in responding] to the cruelty of the markets, it’s my responsibility and my responsibility alone,” Kwon said.

He also added that it still bothers him because so many people were disappointed and harmed as a result of Terra’s failure.

“So, for the community […] the downfall of the companies that chose to build on Terra, for the hundreds of thousands if not millions that used Terra currency [and] the Terra ecosystem which was all built on the stability of UST, I own up to that responsibility fully, and it’s not easy,” he said.

Where is Do Kwon Right Now?

Currently, his whereabouts remains unknown. Singapore authorities disclosed that he is no longer in the country when South Korea released an arrest warrant. According to the court, Do Kwon and his partners violated the provisions of the Capital Market Act of South Korea. Additionally, Interpol has issued a Red Notice for Do Kwon and his 5 team members.

He also remained silent on his whereabouts when prompted by the interview host. Kwon stated that, “It’s not in the interest of being on the run […] that I don’t want to divulge where I live; it’s just that every time my location is made public, it becomes practically impossible for me to remain there.”

Closing Thoughts

What is the next step for Kwon and his team? In my opinion, the future is looking grim for Kwon. With a red notice from Interpol, basically all police forces around the world will be looking for him. He is ready to communicate and comply but trust has been lost. If you are interested to know the full context, check out their full interview on Youtube! In the meantime, many are placing their hopes on LUNC as a means to recover their loses (me included).

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