[2022/10/21] MEXC Twitter Space Talkshow——Dialogue with FitR | Open up a new X2E gameplay with AI

On October 21st, MEXC launched a Twitter space live broadcast on MEXC Twitter. It is themed by “Dialogue with FitR | Open up a new X2E gameplay with AI”. The guest is Jacob Greene (@jacob_FitR) VP of FitR, The host is Antonio (@antontwcrypto), and the following is a text excerpt from this livestream:


Hello everyone, good evening/morning/afternoon. Welcome to our MEXC Talk Show. I’m today’s host, Antonio. On an impressive talk show the other day, we discussed “How to build AAA Gamefi in a bear market?”

Tonight let’s turn our attention to the most exciting topic:How to open up a new #X2E gameplay with AI. We invitedJacob Greene, VP of FitRto provide our audiences with more GameFi insights through an open discussion. Let’s welcome him to introduce himself.

Jacob Greene:

Hello everyone, I’m Jacob Greene (@jacob_FitR) Vice President of FitR, I’m glad to join MEXC Twitter Space. I hope that today’s TwitterSpace will give you a deeper understanding of FitR


From the world famous Play to Earn project Axie Infinity to the outstanding Move to Earn project StepN, the X2E project has also gone through a period of ups and downs since 2021. Their path of development also clarifiEd the crypto market.

Today, we invite VP Jacob Greene of FitR from a recent popular new X2E project, to discuss the future possibilities of X to Earn and the development plan of the FitR project.

First of all, I would like to ask Jacob Greene about what do you think of the current X2E track? And why did you choose to launch the FitR project when the whole X2E craze has subsided?

Jacob Greene:

The current X2E track is still in its infancy stage and has a little while to go until it changes the world. But it is starting to make a few waves. New X2E games are being developed and with each new generation of X2E games, there are new challenges discovered and solved. Games need to keep expanding to keep new and existing users challenged, to keep people playing on a regular basis, to attract new users, to keep the game fun, systems need to be developed and installed to keep the game’s economy stable to build customer confidence, and many other challenges like these need to be, and are being solved.

New X2E games are looking to fill player’s needs. For people that do not have the time to go to a gym for their workout, the latest M2E platforms, like FitR, provide an opportunity for players to workout on their own time, wherever they want, with whomever they want to workout with; and, get paid for the workout instead of having to pay a club or gym.

We chose to launch FitR because we saw an opportunity in the market. Web3 development was new, and many projects had already tested the waters with varying degrees of success. X2E had launched successfully starting with play to earn and there was excitement around the opportunity to earn crypto rewards for moving with several companies launching the initial M2E games.

Our team had great success in developing and producing mobile games, we knew how to make games interesting and fun and saw that there was an early opportunity develop a platform that not only utilized the tools in Web3, but could also be fun, entertaining, and graphically pleasing like the current web2 games; but could add new features that include healthy activity, enhanced social interactivity, and allowed players to earn rewards for moving or exercising.

We noticed that the existing M2E games were mostly single function and while they were great for getting people up and moving, we thought there was a great opportunity to build a platform that created moving options for all types of players, basically a fitness metaverse with all types of exercise options, like a gym, where everyone could move the way they want to every day.

In addition, with the new capabilities offered in Web3, we quickly realized that we could incorporate group workouts into our platform where players could invite their friends or family to workout together in real-time OR join a live-streaming workout with celebrity coaches or trainers! Our research showed that people are more likely to build strong workout habits if they have someone to workout with, and the right exercise pal might not live nearby to work out in-person. So, with today’s technology, we thought we could allow players to workout together though our app and get FitR together.

At FitR, we launched in a challenging market. While this creates many economic challenges including the timing of our governance token launch; and acquiring new players – especially those hesitant to enter a game during a market correction period; we have been taking this quiet period to test our Beta platform with a limited number of users, and add features and enhancements every week or two and get immediate feedback from our players.

By the time the market starts to tick back up and other M2E products enter the market, we will be in a perfect place ahead of the competition. We will have already introduced a whole new audience to our platform, and will be able to reward the initial group of players that helped us during our early build period. In fact, with the launch of our Co-operative Exercise Mode this week, we will offer the first social workout opportunity in M2E. Players can now workout in real-time with friends and family. So, if you were thinking of trying FitR, now is a great opportunity to get in and give it a try. You can play for free or purchase an Exercise Pal and earn rewards just for exercising every day.


Can you tell our community fans what kind of project FitR is? What was it designed for?

Jacob Greene:

FitR is a decentralized social fitness platform that merges physical exercise with a gaming experience. FitR will help people get physically fit, increase activity and communication with friends and family; and even rewards users just for playing. All while having a fun gaming experience.

FitR creates a virtual workout environment that eliminates the need for players to purchase equipment. A phone or gaming tablet is all you need to exercise in FitR! We launched jump rope as our initial workout game, followed by boxing this month, and every month we will introduce new exercises like dance, yoga, games similar to fruit ninja, and others. All exercise routines in FitR are designed to create the experience of playing games.

To enrich the gameplay, FitR introduces NFTs and an NFT cultivation system. Players can purchase an Exercise Pal NFT as their PFP and acquire and use Equipment NFTs that correspond to the specific exercise they are performing. Like a set of boxing gloves, a yoga mat, or a jump rope. FitR will incorporate player’s Exercise Pal and Equipment NFTs into the workouts and result summaries, adding a high level of personalization to the exercise. NFTs displayed on leaderboards and throughout social media, will provide players a strong sense of inclusion in the FitR community and help strengthen support from family and friends.

FitR integrates a Cultivation system within the game which allows players to create and execute strategies to develop their Exercise Pals NFTs and make them more unique, powerful, and valuable. As NFTs develop, the game provides greater rewards for player’s daily exercise.

FitR introduces a major innovation to Web3 applications. With FitR, players can cooperate or compete with friends and family in REAL TIME.

FitR can be played in solo mode where the player exercises alone. FitR can also be played in a cooperative mode where two players exercise together or a Battle mode where players can compete against a friend, a family member, or a random challenger to earn rewards. In both the Cooperative and Battle modes, both players can see each other’s score in REALTIME.

FitR will incorporate a live-steaming function where players can exercise along with their favorite coaches or workout with trainers. Players can provide “gifts” to their coaches using FitR tokens


How do the gameplay and blockchain features of FitR reflect separately

Jacob Greene:

It is difficult to reflect separately on the gameplay and the blockchain in FitR. At FitR, gameplay and blockchain features work together to create a fitness metaverse. The NFTs are central to the gameplay; and token earning and usage drive the game strategies of the players.

FitR gameplay includes the actual exercising as well as the strategies taken to purchase and cultivate NFTs. FitR’s game economics are based on NFT cultivation strategies. The cultivation of each player’s NFT, yields growth in that NFT’s attributes, thus enhancing player rewards for exercise. This in turn enhances the economic strength of the entire game. The dynamic strategy of the entire economic system is to provide players with interesting and strategic development paths that motivate them to keep exercising, keep playing, keep cultivating their NFTs, keep using tokens, and keep earning every day.

FitR offers players both straightforward and probability-based game strategies. A Player can spend tokens to Level Up their NFT thereby producing improved NFT Attributes, and opening new FitR game options. A Player can also spend tokens to acquire additional NFTs or Mint a new NFT with the probability of producing a higher quality NFT.


We noticed that a big highlight of the FitR project is the use of artificial intelligence technology. That’s very interesting. Can you tell us why you considered adding AI and how do you combine artificial intelligence technology and X2E?

Jacob Greene:

There are many aspects to web3 that we looked forward to utilizing when we designed FitR. The concept of web3 introduces blockchain (including NFTs and crypto tokens), decentralization, enhanced user privacy, the addition of AI, and new social interaction opportunities.

As we began designing FitR, we brought in a PhD in Artificial Intelligence to the team to help us properly integrate the technology. The purpose of AI in FitR is to bring the game outside the device and into the room. The AI is taught the correct exercise movements which allows it to recognizes a jump, a punch, or other movements specific to each exercise. The AI enables the game to reward the players for exercising.

In FitR, The AI does not learn from our players as they exercise, it just recognizes the movements it is seeing and allows our game to count the movements and reward points. The AI sees the movements of the players, but does not capture any personal or identifiable information of the player.

When a player is ready to start an exercise, they place put their phone in a fixed position (on the floor leaning against the wall, on a low table leaning against a fixed object, or on a phone stand if they have one) with the screen facing them; and step back until their full body is within the frame visible in the phone. After the AI in the app recognizes the player, the screen turns from red to green and a countdown begins telling the player when to start exercising and earning.


We are concerned that FitR is also a dual-token tokenomics, which players can earn rewards by skipping rope. Can you briefly introduce the way players can earn money by playing FitR and also about the tokenomics?

Jacob Greene:

Players that exercise and own at least one Exercise Pal NFT, earn token rewards for every 30 seconds of exercise up to the limit of their daily energy in the game. The final score of the exercise (the count of movements, like jumps) will determine the basis for the earnings of the exercise. The total number of movements will become the basic value of earning tokens. The more movements, the more tokens you will earn. The Attributes of the NFT is the second factor that will affect the earnings. The higher the Attribute values, the higher the earnings. The NFT Attributes in FitR include Efficiency, Resilience, Luck and Speed.There is more information on the Attributes in our Whitepaper, available on our website.

You can use your in-game token earnings to level-up your NFT to make it more powerful to earn faster; Renew your NFT to keep in top working condition; Mint two NFTs to create a third one; move tokens to your wallet outside the game, and many other uses. We are regularly adding new options to burn the in-game tokens.

From a chain perspective, BNB is the base currency for FitR. Within the game design, FitR uses two additional tokens, in-game tokens, FitR Exercise Tokens (or FXT) and Governance tokens, FitR Metaverse Tokens, or FMT for short. In-game and Governance tokens reward players, enhance game play and build the economic platform for the FitR app.

FitR creates a wallet for each user. The wallet permits players to easily swap between token types as needed in the game. Players invest in BNB, transfer these coins to the FitR wallet and buy their initial Exercise Pal NFT. Governance tokens can be earned by players that have maximized the Level of their Exercise Pal (Level 40) starting later this year. Governance tokens are spent based on each user’s cultivation strategy to level-up their NFTs and our developers will regularly introduce additional ways to spend Governance tokens as the game progresses.

With the launch of our governance tokens next week (10/24 at 12pm UTC), we expect demand to outweigh supply. We will release a limited supply of FMT, approximately 1/8th of 1% of the total supply. At the same time, we will introduce new options in the game that require FMT and players may need to purchase FMT in the short term, depending on their game strategy.


Under such tokenomics, it is believed that some people wish to gain rewards by cheating. Could you share with us how FitR’s anti-cheating system is designed?

Jacob Greene:

Anti-cheating is a serious offense in FitR. Prior to launch, we studied the ways cheaters were gaming the M2E products in the market, and worked with our AI expert to identify additional ways to cheat within FitR. Prior to launch we installed a myriad of mechanics to stop cheaters and tested these during our Alpha phase. During the Alpha and Beta test phases, we encountered additional new schemes and through our internal systems, as well as through tips from our players. During our current Beta phase we have implemented even more ways to catch cheaters. Some of our anti-cheating mechanics include motion detection, techniques to detect fake bodies, pictures and pre-recorded video, time warp matching to detect multi-device cheating, and many other mechanics that are very technical. Identified cheaters have their accounts suspended or canceled, and we are feeling more and more confident in our ability to find and ban cheaters.


The anti-cheating consideration is so detailed, and I believe that previously you must have done in-depth research on the X2E game model. Considering the first half of gamefi’s wild development has passed, and the second half is actually more about project innovation.

Creative game attributes and social attributes can improve the future sustainability of the X2E project. I think FitR has also built a creative Social game mode, can you tell me about that?

Jacob Greene:

Product innovation is at the heart of FitR. While our game can be played alone in the solo mode, web3 allows us to innovate in M2E by creating unique social game modes. This week we launch our Co-operative Mode where players can open a room in FitR and invite a friend to exercise with them. Not only do they now have a buddy to exercise with, but together they will earn bonus rewards for working out together and reaching their goals. Players can see each other’s scores in real-time while they workout so they can speed-up to reach combined goals. Soon we will launch our Battle mode where players can challenge friends or random players, including FitR champions; and battle for extra rewards. In this mode, both players receive extra rewards, but the winner receives even greater rewards.

Following the Battle Mode launch, we will launch a live-streaming mode. Players will be able to workout with trainers in any size groups, and we will invite celebrity coaches to live-stream to large groups of FitR players.

FitR’s social modes are a critical feature in designing our platform. Many studies have shown that working out with a buddy greatly increases the likelihood of a person sticking with a workout plan. FitR’s Co-operative mode can be done in as little as one minute increments and players can join each other from work, home, on the street, or anywhere there is good light and a place to set their phone on the ground.


Last question, what possibilities do you think the X2E track has in the future, what innovations can you look forward to, and what future development plans for FitR can you share with us?

Jacob Greene:

Over the past couple of months I have had the opportunity to talk with many new Web3 companies that are creating very impressive products in the X2E space. These products include games that help our environment, help us improve our mental and physical fitness, and touch on many aspects important to a large percent of the population. I believe that there is a lot of development going on behind the scenes in X2E and M2E space and when we begin the next bull market, we will start to see new games and new web3 features appear very quickly that will take us all into the next generation of web3 gaming.

The x2e products that succeed in the near future will need significant innovation to create a social interaction platform for their users. This can include allowing web3 players to invite web2 friends to play along for free and decide if earning rewards is right for them before committing to purchase an NFT. They will also need to have strong content to keep players involved and engaged; and a low barrier to entry to allow players a short learning curve and the ability to earn their daily rewards quickly.

At FitR, our development team never sleeps! We have regularly launched new features and game options weekly since our launch a few months ago. This week we launched our Co-operative Mode – the first social interaction built into a M2E platform; next week we plan to move our boxing exercise out of the test mode so players can start earning; we launch our governance tokens on MEXC on Monday at 12pm UTC; we are introducing new game options in the coming weeks to burn tokens and decrease the supply of NFTs, these options include tournaments and achievement systems as well as new Skins and Pet NFTS. These and many other changes and enhancements that will be presented on our Official Twitter and Discord pages in the coming weeks. Please visit our website at fitr.xyz to find links to our Twitter and Discord pages, and our Whitepaper.


Thank you for the in-depth explanation and professional analysis, and thank you for the support and positive interaction. This concludes today’s MEXC TwitterSpace. Welcome to join our community MEXC Englishhttps://t.me/MEXCEnglish and share your thoughts; there are many MEXC events and prizes waiting for you. For those who participate in our gleam task, you can type the password FitR in the gleam to win the prize.

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