Special Privileges for MX Token Holders

Key Takeaways:

  • Insane Rewards to Receive – 100+ free airdrops monthly
  • Growing Popularity of MX Tokens – Ranks #119 on CoinMarketCap
  • Trading Fees Discount – 10% trading fees reduction for MX token holders only
  • Commission Benefits – Up to 70% referral commission rate

If you are an active trader, holding MX token is the best strategy for you! It grants you a membership status on MEXC, allowing you to benefit from fee discounts, free airdrops of all newly listed coins, and a maximum of 70% commission rebate when inviting friends. The continuous growth of MX can bring you unexpected profits! Let’s explore the privileges you can enjoy as a MX token holder!

Special Privileges for MX Token Holders
Special Privileges for MX Token Holders

Free Airdrops for MX Token Holders

This is by far the most insane and rewarding benefit of holding MX tokens. We bring in 20+ free airdrops per week, 100+ per month for all token holders participating in the events.

With an average of $2 USDT per airdrop, you’re receiving up to if not more than $200 USDT for free monthly! If the value of the airdrops grows (which they always do), your return on profit increases even more!

Superb MX Token Performance

MX Token Price on MEXC
MX Token Price on MEXC

Honestly, holding MX tokens itself is a great reward. Within 6 months, we saw an incredible +350% token price growth. Despite a recent bearish trend, MX tokens managed to consolidate with ease. In comparison, we are still trading at a +300% token price from January.

Furthermore, MX tokens are growing notably popular with everyone’s support. Prior to March 2023, the MX token had a ranking of #2000 on CoinMarketCap. Now, we are already at #119, a bit shy of the top 100. We are also looking at 30% token holder growth in 2023 and +40% total trading volume.

Learn how MX Ecosystem performed in the past 6 months!

Trading Fees Discount for MX Token Holders

MEXC provides the lowest trading fee in the entire market! We boast a 0.005% maker fee and 0.025% taker fee for our futures trading! But, what if I told you I can go even lower? As a MX token holder, you are automatically eligible to receive 10% trading fee discounts for all your trades! No questions asked, no complicated procedure. Click it and enjoy discounts on all your trades.

Great Commission for Friend Referral

Joining the MEXC family is fun. It also has a lot of benefits. However, it is even more rewarding when you bring your friends on the journey! You can invite your friends to join MEXC and trade via your unique invite code.

Then, as an MX token holder, you will receive a fee commission from Every. Single. Trade. that your friend made. In fact, you can receive up to 70% of their trading fees. If your friends made a trade with trading fees of 1,000 usdt, you’ll be taking away 700 usdt straight into your pocket! Sounds incredible right?


In our eyes, MX token holders are our best VIPs. The best way to treat our VIPs is to give the utmost benefits. Furthermore, we will continue to create more and more rewards. Therefore, purchase MX tokens now and be a part of our elite community!

In the meantime, check out our MEXC trading page and find out what we have to offer! Do not miss out on the golden window. You can learn more about crypto industry news and interesting articles to get you up to speed with the crypto world. Happy trading!

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