Spain Mandates Citizens to Report Overseas Crypto Holdings

Key Points:

  • Spain intensifies crypto tax compliance, targeting foreign-held assets.
  • Agencia Tributaria’s Form 721 streamlines overseas crypto declarations.
  • Spain accelerates EU crypto regulations, leading in financial oversight.

Spain’s Government has recently enacted stringent regulations concerning cryptocurrency taxation, mandating that Spanish citizens holding virtual assets in foreign exchanges declare them by March 31, 2024.

The Role of Form 721 in Crypto Declaration

Under these new guidelines, the Spanish Tax Agency, Agencia Tributaria, introduced Form 721. This form aims to assist Spaniards in declaring their foreign-held virtual assets. The regulation was officially announced in Spain’s official gazette on July 29, 2023, with the window for submission opening on January 1, 2024. This rule applies to individual and corporate taxpayers who must report the value of their crypto assets as of December 31, 2023.

However, the declaration requirement for holdings exceeding 50,000 euros (approximately $55,000) kicks in. For crypto assets held in personal wallets (self-custody), Spaniards must use a different reporting mechanism, namely the wealth tax Form 714.

The Spanish Tax Agency’s crackdown on crypto tax compliance has intensified. In April 2023, the agency sent out 328,000 warning notices to individuals who failed to pay their crypto taxes for 2022. This number shows a substantial increase from the 150,000 notices sent in 2022 and a significant jump from the 15,000 in 2021.

Spain Spearheads Early Adoption of EU Cryptocurrency Regulations

Additionally, Spain is taking a proactive stance in cryptocurrency regulation at a broader level. In October, the Spanish Ministry of Economy announced that the European Union’s cryptocurrency regulations would be implemented in Spain by December 2025, six months ahead of the EU’s schedule. Moreover, in November, Spain’s primary financial regulator initiated its first action against a company for violating cryptocurrency promotion regulations.


These measures reflect Spain’s commitment to establishing a regulated and transparent environment for cryptocurrency transactions. The government’s efforts to integrate these digital assets into the formal tax structure demonstrate a recognition of cryptocurrencies’ growing importance and influence in the modern financial landscape. The move to enforce tax compliance on foreign-held crypto assets underlines Spain’s broader strategy to stay at the forefront of cryptocurrency regulation and taxation.

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