[MEXC] Notice of “The Potatoz Initial NFT Index Sale (INIS) Subscription Event!” Winners

Dear User,

The “The Potatoz Initial NFT Index Sale (INIS) Subscription Event!” organized by MEXC has successfully ended. Congratulations to the winning users in the table below. Due to the special nature of the rewards, the winners need to click the link below for activation as required.

(Note: Reward is $Potatoz subscription quota)

INIS Event Project Introduction 

Project Token Information

Trading pair:$Potatoz/USD

Total supply of tokens:20,000,000

Token unit price:0.002431 USD

(Every 1 million Potatoz index tokens is exchangeable for one Potatoz NFT)

Total value of Potatoz NFT index assets:22.56 ETH (46888 USDT)

INIS subscription

INIS total supply:10,000,000(50% of the total token supply)

INIS total subscription value:12155 USD

INIS subscription unit price:0.0011505 USD

Please calculate the amount you need to consume to participate in the initial subscription based on the initial subscription price of $Potatoz of 0.0011505 USD and the initial subscription quota of $Potatoz you have obtained, and reserve enough USDT in your account.We will make unified snapshot settlement at 2022/9/09 15:00 (SGT), deduct the USDT required for the subscription and transfer the corresponding amount of $Potatoz to your account. 

 If you have confirmed all the reward information and rules, please click the link below and fill in the relevant information to activate your reward.

Please click here to apply.

For event details, please refer to the announcement below:

 The Potatoz Initial NFT Index Sale (INIS) Subscription Event!

Thank you for your support!

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