Nomura Holdings Introduces Bitcoin Fund, Boosting Institutional Crypto Investment

Key Points:

  • Nomura launches Bitcoin fund for institutional investors via Laser Digital Asset Management.
  • Guglietta highlights Bitcoin’s role in the digital economic transformation.
  • Fiona King emphasizes risk management and compliance in digital asset investments.
Nomura Holdings Introduces Bitcoin Fund, Boosting Institutional Crypto Investment
Nomura Holdings Introduces Bitcoin Fund, Boosting Institutional Crypto Investment

Nomura Holdings, Japan’s preeminent investment bank with a substantial $500 billion valuation, recently unveiled its novel Bitcoin adoption fund through its subsidiary, Laser Digital Asset Management. This move, inaugurated on Tuesday, has been designed specifically to cater to institutional investors, paving a streamlined pathway for them into the realm of digital assets.

Nomura’s entry with its Bitcoin fund solidifies its commitment to facilitating digital investments while upholding unparalleled risk management and regulatory compliance standards as the digital currency sector expands. This strategic initiative is anticipated to inject fresh capital into the digital asset sector, thus broadening its reach.

Broadening Horizons in Digital Asset Investment

Introducing the Bitcoin adoption fund by such a prominent entity as Nomura indicates a broader trend within the financial sector. As digital assets garner increased attention, numerous global investment banks have commenced facilitating their institutional clientele with opportunities to explore this burgeoning space.

Sebastien Guglietta, who spearheads Laser Digital Asset Management, emphasized technology’s paramount role in evolving global economies. He remarked, “The shift from analog to digital in major economic sectors showcases technology’s transformative impact. Bitcoin emerges as a pivotal facilitator in this enduring transition. By providing long-term exposure to Bitcoin, we’re offering investors an avenue to harness this significant macroeconomic trend.”

Fiona King, the Head of Distribution at Laser Digital Asset Management, further echoed this sentiment. She expressed her enthusiasm regarding the launch, stating, “The unveiling of our Bitcoin adoption fund represents our dedication to providing institutional investors an insulated and secure gateway into digital asset investments. Our approach, deeply rooted in conventional finance principles, ensures paramount risk management and unwavering compliance standards.”


As digital currencies become more intertwined with mainstream finance, efforts like these from major players such as Nomura bridge the divide between traditional Wall Street mechanisms and the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets. Such endeavors underscore digital assets’ increasing legitimacy and acceptance and forecast a future where digital and traditional finance sectors operate in unison.

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