MX in 2022: Time to Outperform BNB and Shine?

Hey! It’s Shivam again! In the first month of 2022, I want to speak about MX – a native token of the MEXC Exchange.

In the past few years, native tokens of exchanges have attracted growing interest from all kinds of investors. My only BNB is now worth 500 USDT! So, I definitely don’t want to miss the next flight to the moon. 

According to my DYOR, among native tokens, MX (Trade it here) has a significant market performance and an increase in MX token addresses. Investors who held the MX token over the past year have got a stunning investment return of over 1152%. On this date, MX token price is holding around $1,8 –$1,9 after falling from its all-time high in November.

Will MX token continue its rising in 2022? I’m for sure want to wait only for an incredible return, my expectations are bullish! Why? Let’s explore recent updates to the MEXC & MX ecosystem!

Discovering MX Roadmap

In early 2021 we all seen that MEXC announced the “Growth for Everything” campaign, making its native token the first cross-chain asset. MX now bridges between Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi eco-chain (HECO). Later, more MX’s use cases were announced to the MEXC community, including, lending, liquidity mining, and DEX transactions.

A few weeks ago, the MX community choose and approved the MX 2.0 proposal. More than 100 million MX tokens were burned immediately after the approval, and starting in January 2022, 40% of the MEXC platform’s total earnings will be used to buy back MX tokens from the secondary market and burn on a quarterly basis. No doubt this will help to increase the price and cut supply.

I believe it’s clear, that the next MX key role is to drive the worldwide expansion of the exchange. And here comes the next big thing – The Pioneer platform.


In September, MEXC launched MEXC Pioneer, a platform to support new IT projects and developer teams to grow their communities. MEXC created a $100 million growth fund for MEXC Pioneer to support blockchain technology and infrastructure projects, especially those focused on building cross-chain solutions, NFTs, GameFi and innovative DeFi products. Right now, MEXC Pioneer has invested in over 100 projects, including Solana, Polygon, Avalanche and Algorand in their early days.

In October, MEXC joined the strategic partnership with Bybit Exchange to establish an advanced CEX union. The two exchanges worked together to build a joint Launchpad, introducing quality blockchain and crypto projects, and sharing over 10 million users around the world.

According to CMC, MEXC is ranked in the top 30 cryptocurrency spot exchanges. And to my knowledge, it’s still growing quickly in Asia, Turkey, CIS, and the US, MEXC now has over 7 million active users around the world!

Native tokens – Buy the dip!

Since its launch in 2018, MX has steadily increased in value, it began trading at $0.1473 in early 2021. It reached an all-time high of $3.7 in November of last year, providing great return!

MX Native Token Performance
MX Native Token Performance on CMC

With more great tokens listed on the exchange and a promising platform development this year, it’s perfect timing, for now, to buy the dip at around $1,8 or a little less and hold the token long term. I believe 2022 could be another wonderful year for us and the MX token!

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