MEXC, The First Exchange to Launch a “Zero Maker Fee” Event

In September 2022, Cointelegraph – a blockchain media organization reported that MEXC ranks #1, becoming the world’s top liquidity provider. Furthermore, MEXC recently reported the expansion of its contract business, averaging a 1,200% increase in daily trading volume.

MEXC, The First Exchange to Launch a "Zero Maker Fee" Event
MEXC, The First Exchange to Launch a “Zero Maker Fee” Event

Now, MEXC is the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, serving 10 million users worldwide with the tagline of “Users First, MEXC’s Changing for you”. Of course, the exchange could only reach this height thanks to everyone’s support. Therefore, MEXC is now introducing its newest event – “Zero Maker Fee”. It is a long-lasting event that aims to give back to MEXC futures users for their continuous support.

Up-to-date, MEXC is the only cryptocurrency trading platform in the world that charges no maker fee on futures pending orders. Andrew Weiner, the VP of MEXC stated that: “Currently, our liquidity is ranked first in the world among the top 50 trading platforms by market values. In 2022, we will prioritize enhancing futures products and basic liquidity following the voices of the users.”

MEXC continually developed and enhanced its future products in the fourth quarter of 2018. In October 2022, it also improved its futures product and introduced the second-level K-line feature. The results? An astounding improvement in the trading experience for users. Additionally, the enhancements gave precise and intuitive transaction information to users; allowing them to experience real-time pricing, trading volume, and a variety of technical features.

If you are a MEXC user, you will know that they are no strangers to fun activities. They frequently offer user-friendly activities that provide different incentives and benefits. Futures M-Day, Contract Carnival Week, and Super X-Game are a few that all users loved and enjoyed. Now, they are introducing one of the best events in the world to the platform – Zero Maker Fee –

This Zero Maker Fee Event is one of the platform’s numerous long-lasting and high-level events. The Exchange believes that this is the best way to give back to the community. It will also provide a more enjoyable trading experience for users. Through this event, users can trade the futures they love, and MEXC will serve the users with love.

That’s not all! MEXC’s perpetual contract is the platform’s fastest-performing function. It has currently released more than 169 tokens and 179 trading pairs; emphasizing public chain, cross-chain, Layer 2, and many more. It also has the most derivatives to be traded on the market, giving users a variety of precise options.

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