MEXC Launchpad – The Best Place for Profitable New Projects

MEXC launchpad is witnessing more user participation than ever before! Furthermore, a lot of high-quality projects are joining in and the demand for tokens is ever-increasing. So, what is MEXC Launchpad? What are the benefits of the launchpad and what are the recent top gainers after the project launch? Let’s find out!

MEXC Launchpad - The Best Place for Profitable New Projects
MEXC Launchpad – The Best Place for Profitable New Projects

What is MEXC Launchpad?

MEXC launchpad is a platform that launches new blockchain projects successfully. Here, users can immediately seek the best projects we have to offer. The launchpad carefully selects potential projects to ensure they meet specific criteria, such as their team’s experience, potential market demand, and ability to offer value to users. The launchpad also ensures that the projects have a solid whitepaper and a clear roadmap for their future development.

Furthermore, the launchpad creates pools where users can commit MX tokens and receive airdrops in return. This creates a unique opportunity for users to receive promising project tokens at an initial airdrop price. It also enables users to access the project’s tokens at an early stage, potentially increasing their return on investment. In return, it encourages project owners to provide better-quality projects.

As of April 2023, there were already more than 100 successful Launchpad and Kickstarter projects on MEXC. It is equivalent to more than 100+ airdrop rewards for users in the span of 4 months! What are you waiting for? Grab hold of your MX Tokens and participate now!

Top Performing Tokens of The Month

Top launchpad projects 2023
Top launchpad projects 2023

Investors are always on the lookout for the next big thing, and when it comes to crypto, the options are endless. However, the recent performance of the MEXC launchpad has caught the attention of many investors.

One of the standout performers on MEXC is AMG, with an impressive increase rate of 2350%. This token opened at a price of 0.04 and reached a high of 0.98, making it a great airdrop reward for users who committed their MX tokens. Another notable performer is EXD, which had an increased rate of 902%. It opened at a price of 0.05 and reached a high of 0.501.

Let us calculate a scenario. You committed 10,000 MX tokens for AMG tokens. After the event ends, you will receive approximately 300 AMG tokens (According to the price pool calculations) at the price of $0.04 per token. Following the increase rate, your tokens could potentially gain more than 2000% in value, profiting more than $200 USDT.

Furthermore, your MX token commitments have no lock-up. Meaning, you can participate in all events simultaneously and receive airdrops for all projects!

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How To Participate in MEXC’s Launchpad or Kickstarter Campaign?

Here is a simple guide for you to join in on the fun!

  1. Purchase and hold MX Tokens in your spot wallet (Buy now!)
  2. Hold at least 1,000 MX Tokens in your spot wallet for 30 consecutive days.
  3. Once 15 days have passed, you can commit the MX Tokens to a Non-lockup Event.
  4. Click on the Quick Commit Button to join all events simultaneously.
  5. After the event ends, the system will first divide the total prize pool.
  6. Then, it will distribute the airdrops based on the user’s proportion of valid commitment.
  7. The more MX Tokens you commit, the more airdrops you receive!
  8. After the airdrop reward distribution, head on to the (Reward History Page) to learn of the airdrop details!

Quite a simple process right? What are you waiting for? Join now at MX Zone!

Why Choose MEXC Launchpad?

Apart from its exceptional performance, there are several other reasons why MEXC Launchpad is the best place to invest your money. Some of these reasons include:

  1. A Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies

MEXC Launchpad offers its users a wide range of cryptocurrencies to trade. This means that you have a higher chance of finding cryptocurrency that matches your investment goals and preferences.

  1. A User-Friendly Platform

MEXC Launchpad has a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate. This means that even beginners can easily trade cryptocurrencies on the platform without any difficulty.

  1. High-Security Standards

MEXC Launchpad takes the security of its users seriously. The platform uses advanced security measures, such as two-factor authentication and encryption, to ensure that users’ funds and data are safe.

  1. Transparent Transactions

MEXC Launchpad conducts all its transactions transparently. This means that users can easily monitor their transactions and ensure that they are getting a fair deal.

Closing Thoughts

Gaining free airdrops has never been so easy! Be a part of the growing MEXC community now! In the meantime, Check out our MEXC trading page and find out what we have to offer! Do not miss out on the golden window. You can learn more about crypto industry news and interesting articles to get you up to speed with the crypto world. Happy trading!

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