MEXC Launchpad Upgrade; No Locking and More Rewards

Now, everyone knows the power of MX tokens. We bring discounts, rewards, and even a crazy 70% rebate. But what if I told you that there is more? That’s right, our team has worked day and night to bring you the Launchpad upgrade. Now, you can participate in our Launchpad and Kickstarter campaigns for even more rewards! Let’s find out what has changed.

MEXC Launchpad Upgrade; Less Locking for More Rewards
MEXC Launchpad Upgrade; Less Locking for More Rewards

What is MEXC’s Launchpad and Kickstarter Campaign?

The MEXC Launchpad is an exclusive section for MX token holders. Users can receive initial project airdrops by holding their tokens for a certain amount of time. On the other hand, the MEXC Kickstarter Campaign allows MX token holders to vote and support projects and receive airdrops based on the amount available in the reward pool.

Both features offer opportunities for MX token holders to participate and earn rewards. The key difference is, Launchpad focuses on initial listing projects. They are fresh projects off the market. Meanwhile, Kickstarter is a mixture of both new tokens and popular tokens such as USDT.

What is the New Launchpad and Kickstarter Feature?

Prior to the upgrade, users can only participate in one launchpad airdrop using 1,000 MX Tokens. Meaning, participating in four airdrops will require a minimum amount of 4,000 MX Tokens. This is the same for both Launchpad and Kickstarter. Furthermore, the MX Token will go into a frozen state. You will only receive your original MX Tokens in full amount 10 minutes after the event ends.

However, we are removing the limitations! There will no longer be any lockup period. Meaning, your MX Tokens will remain in your wallet to participate in all events simultaneously. We are also adding a new feature that allows you to participate in all available airdrops with a simple click very soon. 1,000 MX Tokens is all you need in your Spot Wallet to partake in all the airdrops. Lower requirements, higher opportunities for rewards!

How To Participate in MEXC’s Launchpad or Kickstarter Campaign?

Here is a simple guide for you to join in on the fun!

  1. Purchase and hold MX Tokens in your spot wallet (Buy now!)
  2. Hold at least 1,000 MX Tokens in your spot wallet for 30 consecutive days.
  3. Once 30 days have passed, you can commit the MX Tokens to a Non-lockup Event.
  4. Click on the Quick Commit Button to join all events simultaneously.
  5. After the event ends, the system will first divide the total prize pool.
  6. Then, it will distribute the airdrops based on the user’s proportion of valid commitment.
  7. The more MX Tokens you commit, the more airdrops you receive!
  8. After the airdrop reward distribution, head on to the (Reward History Page) to learn of the airdrop details!

Quite a simple process right? What are you waiting for? Join now at MX Zone!

Personal Note From MEXC Team

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