MEXC Kickstarter – Considerable income under global turbulent situation

The ‘Kickstarter’ event is an activity during the pre-launch stage of a project in which the project initiates voting for the launch on MEXC. For the past week, projects launched on ‘Kickstarter’ had good performance and attracted 422 participants.

Explore High Yields of Kickstarter by MEXC

  • Dreamverse (DV) Token

Dreamverse is a virtual world that restores many stars, top IP such as movies, anime and games and the real world with high fidelity and refinement. DV is the official functional token of DreamVerse. Users can use it to buy and sell land or other NFTs in DreamVerse’s metaverse.

Dreamverse (DV) Token
Dreamverse (DV) Token

The Kickstarter voting was on March 8, a total of 424604.2916 MX token got lock up, the APY reached 601.59%.

  • Metamall (MALL)

MetaMall is the combination of Virtual Reality, Blockchain and NFT technology where a virtual Shopping mall will be created and sold as NFTs to buyers. The mall will be designed with architectural excellence and deliver an immersive experience to visitors via cutting edge VR technology.

MALL is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Charging visitor a fee to enter the universe
  • Pay for exclusive VR experiences
  • Trading NFTs on the platform
  • Paying for property lease
  • Changing and enhancing avatar properties(Skins, features, etc)
  • Buying in-metaverse elements(cars, vehicles, etc)

MARA Token

The Kickstarter voting was on March 6, a total of 1021954.182 MX token got lock up, the APY reached 940.46%.

  • Tokenplace(TOK)

Tokenplace is an online trading platform that aggregates liquidity from leading cryptocurrency exchanges to provide traders with a single interface where they can find the best prices for every coin on the market.

The kickstarter voting was on March 9, a total of 116 users participated and 1706292.904 MX token got lock up, the APY reached 126.93%.

  • Amara Finance(MARA)

Amara Finance is a cross-chain financial aggregator for NextDeFi. Core Products include: AmaraLend, a creative multi-chain deployed lending protocol to release assets efficiency and bring DeFi to a new Era; AmaraLink, a multisig cross-chain bridge connecting Polkadot and off-DOT world; AmaraPay, an aggregated payment gateway protocol responding swiftly across the world.

The kickstarter voting was on March 8, a total of 695144.666 MX token got lock up, the APY reached 340.15%.

  • Xi Token (XI)

The XI Protocol implements a Decentralized Supercomputer through Cascade Computing for Eventually Correct Metaoracles. By implementing sequential anti-sybil and computing phases with XI staking and oracle commit-reveal schema, the architecture outsources multi-agent distributed consensus.

Applications of the XI Protocol include utility for purchasing time on satellite advertising and utility as rewards for solutions to open mathematical problems. The XI Protocol intends to establish an interplanetary decentralized platform for providing financial incentives to outsourced forecasting of the truth and participate in new economic models for questions and answers.

Xi Token (XI)

The Kickstarter voting was on March 9, a total of 105 users participated and 1862694.721 MX token got lock up, the APY reached 361.51%. Even though the market is volatile under current global economic and political situation, it’s still positive to get considerable income from MEXC ‘Kickstarter’ event.

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