MEXC Global Supports School Children in Need Across Asia

Our MEXC Global team recently collaborated with National Geographic to provide economic support to two primary schools in Tibet, China. 

Themed with “Cheer Up 2022” which was held in December 2021, the event was set up to restore the hope and spirit of the coming New Year through the provision of household goods, educational materials, and monetary aid to schools in need.

In December, packed with donated items from MEXC Global, volunteers from National Geographic departed from Chengdu China, and then took a five-hour-long road to Yahuo primary school and Xinlong primary school in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garzê. 

The place is known for being one of the highest towns in the world, located at more than 3200m above sea level. This town is also suffering from high levels of poverty.  

MEXC Donates to Schools
Children received new school kits donated by MEXC Global

The schoolmaster has been taking efforts to help students get more involved in classes, with a focus on activity-based teaching featuring games, singing, dancing, and other exciting activities.  He explains, “We’re trying to build comfortable classrooms, offer free materials and make kids interested in learning.”

Smiled children in new clothes from MEXC

Photographers from National Geographic shared the happy memories of the moment through taken photos. Volunteers were also invited to give an art course to children, inspiring an interest in photography and digital art. 

“When I entered the classroom, the kids and I took pictures and laughed together while playing. I believe they are strongly supported by this charitable giving, and this donation allows them to continue their school life in warmth.”

MEXC Global Charity in 2022

During 2022, MEXC Global will put more resources into charity initiatives and continue to support various communities in different countries.

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