MEXC announces partnership with TradingView where users can directly access MEXCs data including charts

We are glad to announce the partnership with TradingView, and this integration allows crypto users to access important information directly from TradingView’s charts into their MEXC trading accounts. The first batch of 50 futures trading pairs has been integrated and can be found on TradingView charts. 

MEXC and TradingView Partnership

As one of the most widely used charting platforms and social networks for traders, TradingView attracts over 30 million monthly users globally and has been rated the number one website for investing. The platform enables crypto traders to identify and analyse trading patterns using TradingView’s customisable charts and allows them to discover hundreds of crypto trade ideas daily by joining TradingView and its community of global traders. The integration ensures that traders are able to set up trading alerts and access our services without effort. 

The first batch of trading pairs has been online, including 50 popular futures trading pairs as below:

MEXC pair available on TradingView

After the initial integration with TradingView services, more spot and futures trading pairs will be available to connect MEXC exchange soon, and traders over the world can access our quality service more easily.

What’s next?

With more than 7 million active users across the world, MEXC is now empowering an increasing number of people to get involved in the crypto space. We will continue to bring the user experience to the next level, and help more people open up new ways to link communities and create more value. Interested to know more about our partnerships? Visit the special blog section.

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