In this Telegram AMA recap, you’ll find insights about the KENKA METAVERSE project. In an event hosted by SenHo from MEXC, you will meet Aik (Marketing manager).


Sen Ho: Today, we are honored to have marketing manager from KENKA METAVERSE join our community to give us a more intuitive look at their unique projects. @NFTpancakegames

Aik: Hey guys! Really excited to be here and thanks for having me here! So I’m basically in charge of promoting our new project KENKA METAVERSE.

Questions from community:

Sen Ho: 1. What is KENKA METAVERSE? Can you share with us more in detail?

Aik: To give you some idea what KENKA METAVERSE looks like, I’ll send you the video of how are game looks

KENKA METAVERSE is a blockchain game inspired by the underground world. The game ecosystem is designed to have an immersive Play to Earn experience, where players can train their characters and by having a “KENKA”, meaning fighting or battle in Japanese, to gain fame and fortune.

Land, squads or brothers, and other items in the game are in NFT and tradable. By bringing these items together and forming guilds with other players, you can participate in a robust community than in traditional games.

What KENKA METAVERSE discerned from the other projects is the economy

that is being designed.

KENKA METAVERSE will build a sustainable service by connecting to the real world economy through a billing system like traditional social games and advertising revenue from sponsors, and by intentionally creating a “layer of balance deficit”.

Sen Ho: 2. What are KENKA METAVERSE’s unique selling points as compared to other similar projects in the industry?

Aik: The most distinctive part of our project is that our project is derived from the massive hit game app called KENKADO. This game is also the main sponsor of the famous fighting tournament called RIZIN.

Once our game launches, expect thousands of players coming in from this game app. We have also onboarded the top MMA fighter, Mikuru Asakura, as our ambassador and he has his own YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers and also one of the most influential YouTuber. By the way, Mikuru had a boxing game with the greatest of all times boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. We also have plans to collaborate with famous martial artists, musicians, idols, and other celebrities from around the world. Their NFTs are planned to be created and will help and support you in the game. The first NFT for this was announced for Asuka Kirara, the famous Japanese celebrity with 2.5 million followers on her Instagram. Plater’s team members can be divided into 3 categories. “Brothers” who battles with you in the game, “Trainers” who train you, and “Partners” who support you in the game

Sen Ho: 3. So what are the traditional and METAVERSE markets that KENKA METAVERSE wants to expand further?

Aik: KENKA METAVERSE will create a sustainable Play to Earn service by designing the economy by categorizing with 2 stages and 4 groups of users.

It’ll be a long one for this so please give me some time to explain this.


The term “stage” is used in the description and is conceptual

●1st Stage

the part of the game that can be played without any NFTs like the other social games.

●2nd Stage

The part of the game where players play using NFTs as a Play to Earn service is what

we call the “2nd stage”.

In fact, each user can play both stages at the same time, but cannot play at the 2nd stage unless the player has the required NFTs.

KENKA METAVERSE categorizes users into four types according to how they play:

The first one is what we call the Guild Master

We call Guild Master as the group of players focusing on earnings.

The land in KENKA METAVERSE is called “Shima”. Players belonging in this group are able to earn by creating guilds, cooperating with other players, and holding “Shima”.

Guild necessarily does not need to be run by a single player. Multiple Guild Masters can bring their own Shima and form an even bigger guild. Members from the guild can be given preferential treatment, such as free use of the gym, thereby training members and encouraging players to become the star. Guild Masters are like the gym owners, arena owners, and esports head coaches in the real world.


We call the Player as the group of players acquiring both fame and wealth.

Earn from the fighting tournament and possible to earn from ads revenue. Most of the players will be aiming for this group and will be the symbolic players of our game.

Just imagine a professional fighter or professional esports athlete in the real world. This group includes not only the top-tier players, but also players from regional leagues, so there are many more players than most people imagine.


Follow will be the most common players of KENKA METAVERSE. This is the group that focuses on having fun while earning tokens in single-player or PVP. The player can train in the gym, buy NFTs at the market to strengthen their character and aim to be in the Player group, or play in mini-games in the betting hall. A promising role is to keep on pushing for the Player in fighting tournaments. By betting on the winners and losers, they become an important constituency that enthusiastically supports the Player and encourages the Player to become a star.


This group will be the players who mainly play for free. Basically, players belonging to this group do not own NFTs and are playing the game for free. The difference with the group, Follower, is whether or not the players have NFT items and are eligible to play in the 2nd stage. By accumulating some tokens by playing in the 1st stage, most of the players in this group will aim to be in the Follower group. Exchanging tokens, buying the token, and betting will motivate the players to play blockchain games.

So what I mean is the Guild Masters organizes the gym and hosts the fighting tournament where Players fight to make the audience electrified. The groups of players in Follower and Gamer will bet on the fighters from the Player group and support them.

Sen Ho: 4. What is the role of the $KENKA token in KENKA METAVERSE? And so, what about the TOKEN utility?

Aik: Alright! Users can use KENKA token for buying NFTs in the game or for the battle. It will be the main currency within our METAVERSE, so the goal is to create an economy that resembles the national currency (i.e USD). We also have plans to have a burn mechanism to stabilize the price of the token.

Sen Ho 5: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Aik: It will be “The METAVERSE of the underground-themed world.” We are aiming to create the economy for this world and of course, since the AAA classed game devs from Japan are in our team, you’ll never get bored with the game. Make sure to check this video guys!

Free-asking Session

Q1. How about this one from @RuthannGeiger

Aik: Too many projects disappear in this tough market conditions. How do you ensure the sustainability of YOUR PROJECT ? What is the receipt of success?

What we think is that most of the players enter into the existing projects just for the earning purposes and nothing about the fund raising is considered by the projects.

This ends up in the worst scenario.

As mentioned in the lite paper, we will provide a sustainable Play to Earn service by raising funds from third parties by making it the game to an e-sport, and by maintaining a balance between income and outcomes by separating users who earn and those who spend.

We believe that one of the challenges in achieving this is to have the sponsors. However, we are creating a large economy by partnerships and we already are in the process of having a sponsor.

Q2.One of the primary problems with online gaming platforms is that after a while, the gameplay gets boring. Could you list a few KENKA characteristics that will entice gamers to stick around and play on your system over time? Thank you.@mvmalacad

Aik: This is a great question.

We will provide the game on land where lots of facilities are located.

Even after the game launch, new facilities will be introduced through updates. This will give players more options of what they can do and want to do. As the game becomes closer to reality, the project will massively grow.

Q3. Metaverse may be called the new generation of Internet or the next generation of Internet. The concept of Metaverse and GameFi has emerged. The market is fiercely competitive and the survival of the fittest. Can you bring us surprises? What are the differences with other? @WilburnBlackman

Aik: What we believe to improve the quality of a metaverse is through “freedom”.

In KENKA METAVERSE, games can be played around land or facilities.

A sustainable economy will be provided by “balancing income and outcome,” and the types of land (facilities) will be constantly provided through updates after the launch.

This will give options for the players and give them more freedom within the world of KENKA METAVERSE. Players who enjoy the game will be users who “pay to enjoy” the game, just like the existing social games. This gives even more opportunity to players who want to earn.

Q4. KENKA is NFT blockchain gaming. But in terms of community, there is still a large audience in the gaming world that has yet to meet the crypto and blockchain industry. What are your plans to reach these people and make your voice heard by all gamers?” @sander_1992a

Aik: KENKA METAVERSE can be played on a freemium basis, meaning free to play just like the other social games. Players can play for free or with in-app purchases and still earn a few token.

Like I mentioned earlier, we call this layer of players “Gamer”.

Gamers who are non crypto users will have their first exposure to crypto with the motivation of wanting to utilize the tokens they have acquired and to purchase tokens to get NFTs real quick.

The marketing logic for Gamers is the same as for existing games. We are highly experienced in game development and operation, so there is no need to worry about that.

Q5. When it comes to KENKA NFTs, how do they differ from NFTs on other platforms, what will be their functions, what is their significance in the project, what benefits and rights do the owners have and how do you plan to keep them attractive to gamers? @GinnyBaker45

Aik: The main difference between KENKA NFT and NFT in other games is that it is the “NFT in the Metaverse”. Be sure to check the video I’ve sent earlier in the AMA.

For example, NFT characters can be controlled and move in the city and of course, 3D characters fight when they are in the battle. The NFT of the land will also be used to conduct business with the 3D characters in the city. NFT is an element for building space itself.

By using NFTs to work with many other players in a free metaverse space, you will feel envious of their NFTs. We believe that this will create “a desire for wanting new NFTs” and “a sense of superiority by being envied.”This really would boost up the value of our NFT.

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