MEXC AMA Empire Token – Session with Abdullah Ghandour

In this Telegram AMA recap, you’ll find insights about the Empire Token project. In an event hosted by Miranda from MEXC, you will meet Abdullah Ghandour.

Empire Token
Empire Token at MEXC AMA

Introducing MEXC AMA member from Empire Token Project:

Hello everyone. Hope all is well. Thank you for giving us the time today. My name is Dulla short for Abdullah. I am the CEO and founder of Empire Token!

Questions from community:

Question 1:

Miranda: what is Empire Token? Can you share with us more in detail?

Dulla: Empire Token is a DeFi token based on Binance Smart Chain for now. We aim to bring DeFi applications to users under one roof with the goal to empower this space. We have started with an NFT marketplace which is on phase one beta version, and we have also started with the development of our beta DEX which will be delivered very soon. The Dex is called goosebumps.

Question 2:

Miranda: Next can you tell us what triggers you to launch Empire Token? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Empire Token aims to solve?

Dulla: Definitely. Good question. Empire came to empower the space. The problem with DeFi is that it’s all over the place. Your wallet is in one place, the DEX is in another, portfolio tracker in another, launchpad in another—and you have to know the whole ecosystem to understand. For most users, it’s like rocket science. So we’re trying to build a one stop shop solution that will empower the space. We’re not the competition but rather a place that tries to make the lives of our users simpler and easier where they have access to everything they need in under one roof.

Question 3:

Miranda: How about the role of $EMPIRE in Empire Token? Would you tell us more about its tokenomics?

Dulla: $EMPIRE plays a vital role in our project. For now, it is the main token used for minting and trading on our NFT marketplace. As we continue with the development of our dApps, it will likewise be used for exclusive features that need to be paid using $EMPIRE. Our tokenomics include 10% transaction taxes including buy, sell, and transfer—2.5% for marketing, 2% reflections, 1% for team, and 4.5% for liquidity.

Question 4:

Miranda: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to Empire Token that you would like to share with the users? 

Dulla: Definitely definitely. This is the most important part 😉

The Solana integration of our NFT marketplace should be due anytime now. We’re expecting it next week. The delay in the DEX should be resolved now. We’ve faced some issues but it should be coming out very soon. We will be having our staking pools and as per my last update with the community, we are building up and gearing up for a huge update coming around March or April—the date is yet to be decided but will be announced. ’Til then, we have to keep building these two use cases and gear up for the next big bang.

Miranda: that sounds like a very busy schedule for your team,, but, looking forward to seeing these coming!

Question 5:

Miranda: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Dulla: It would be Empire because we’re literally building an empire of use cases under one roof.

An empire of use cases 🙂

Free-asking Session to Empire Token

Q1. Current NFT is a hot topic, but are NFT not just for art. Does your project think that more real world use cases will emerge for NFTs as time goes on, why should we take NFTs seriously?


Good question. Our NFT marketplace has never been only about trading NFTs. We are the only project that ever mentioned and is working on NFT licensing which gives a whole new dimension to NFTs. We also have our NFT launchpad whereby other projects can mint and trade their NFTs also using their native token.

Q2. Can you list the features that your project have and other similar projects don’t and Can you convince me to invest in your project as compared to others that are similar to yours?

Dulla: Other projects have one use case at best. We have an NFT marketplace and a Dex already. Our Dex isn’t a regular Dex it comes with a portfolio tracker and charts. I already covered the NFT marketplace in answer to the question above. We aim to have these use cases come to their full power including bridging for example. As indicated earlier also we will be having a connection between all our use cases to make defi experience a one-stop-shop.

Q3. Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

Dulla: Definitely, you can check our YouTube channel it shed a much better light on what’s been happening and what is empire token is.

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