MEXC AMA Age of Zalmoxis (KOSON) – Session with Marius Urbaniak

In this Telegram AMA recap, you’ll find insights about the Age of Zalmoxis project. In an event hosted by SenHo from MEXC, you will meet Marius Urbaniak, CEO Wenmoon Studios, Game Director Age of Zalmoxis


Hello everyone and thank you for the invitation! It’s an honour to be here and I salute all the team and the community! My name is Marius Urbaniak and I am CEO & Founder of Wenmoon Studios Ltd. – an Irish-based game development and publishing company, also the Game Director of Age of Zalmoxis – Rise of the Fallen.

Questions from community:

Sen Ho: What is the Age of Zalmoxis? Can you share with us more in detail? @ageofzalmoxis

Marius : Thanks for the question @snho02. Age of Zalmoxis is a combination of a beloved game genre (MMORPG), well-balanced tokenomics, history-based lore (thanks to the Institute of Archeology of the Romanian Academy) and modern graphics (Unreal Engine 5).

Sen Ho: What triggers you to launch Age of Zalmoxis? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Age of Zalmoxis aims to solve?

Marius : Very good question, unfortunately, the leading cause of failure for Play-to-Earn games is the lack of focus on game fundamentals, alongside the missing demand for their in-app/game token. In most P2E games, due to poor game quality, the ‘earn’ part is the only reason that keeps gamers engaged, and this leads to players selling their earned assets on a regular basis.

Sen Ho: What is the role of the $KOSON token in Age of Zalmoxis? Would you tell us more about its tokenomics?

Marius : Straight to the point! 🙂 First of all, $KOSON will serve as an in-game currency, and will be ready to use in the Ancient mini-games (mobile-ready) but also in the Battle Royale PvP and the final MMORPG.

Right now it can be used for Staking on our platform with 6 available pools. Users who choose the last pool – Basileus – enter automatically in the competition of sharing $1MIL – this pool has an APY up to 138.46%.

Another utility of the $KOSON is the Summoning. The tokens are needed to be burned for creating new hero characters NFTs of the 2nd generation are called the Summoned and this event is also live.

Buying land chests NFTs requires $KOSON (also to be burned) besides the other fee paid in mostly any cryptocurrency thanks to UTrust, our payment processor.

And last but not least is horse breeding! This $KOSON is required to breed, and they are burned. Horses will be needed for the Horse racing mini-games but also in the MMORPG final game.

great! on a separate note – KOSON/USDT trading available on MEXC at 2022-09-29 12:00 (UTC)

Sen Ho: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to Age of Zalmoxis that you would like to share with the users?

Marius : Besides the MVP – – our funding announcement where we were backed by strong VCs with Morningstar Ventures lead and of course, the token listing exciting event 🙂 I can share the next big milestone on our Roadmap

The Land Chest opening – this Q4 – users who accumulated the land chests will be able to unstake and open them to claim their wanted land on the interactive map but also see if their lucky charm worked on getting a legendary item for their hero (max. 66) or a mythical land plot in the holy Mountain of Kogaionon – The Alpine – which can drop only from these chests.

Sen Ho: Looking forward to it! !👏

Sen Ho: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Marius : Hmm, this is tough 🙂


We survived so far this uncomfortable market condition with a great Community behind us, we got support from great Venture Capital companies that trusted us and our vision, and it’s time to RISE with a strong and fast Blockchain and a top-rated game engine. It’s the RISE of the Fallen (Ancients of Dacian Kingdom).

Free-asking Session

Q1. Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product? [2221]

Marius :

Thanks for the question. Community is part of the founding of our game. Without community feedback and involvement, we could never get here today. We are always open for their opinion in our Discord server:

Q2. Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups? [2221]

Marius :

Thank you for the question. I advise using only official links which can be found at

Q3. Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?

Marius :

Thank you for the question. Tokenomics can be found at 

Here is a summary of the token utility:

✅ – Staking (Live)

✅ – Summoning (needed to be burned for creating new hero characters NFTs of 2nd generation – Live)

✅ – Land chests – besides the price paid with any crypto through UTrust (payment provider), a fee of $Koson is needed for each type of chest – this $Koson is burned.

✅ – Trading (BitMart and MEXC – 9/29/2022)

✅ – Horse breeding (needed to be burned for creating new horse NFTs Q1 23′)

✅ – the in-game currency (Ancient mini-games Q3 23′ and Battle Royale Alpha Q1 24′)

Q4. Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

Marius :

Very good question!

We did it the other way around which I find the most beneficial for everyone. Instead of wasting funds and resources to make a nice-looking video for the public, we chose to actually show the gameplay and prove that we can achieve it, especially the blockchain integration. As you can see in the MVP – the integration of Elrond Blockchain into Unreal Engine 5 was a success. This is the way to go in my opinion, not just make a nice video and at the game release to be disappointed.

Q5. Hello.. Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

Marius :

Awesome question! Thank you. This is the biggest challenge for us, onboarding the non-crypto users. We already took measures in this regard and started with compliance first. Our company – Wenmoon Studios Limited is registered as a game development and publisher in the Republic of Ireland. The next step was the application for the VASP (Fintech) Licence which means that the company will be regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and we already received the Institution code.

Having compliance put in place the next step is to create a seamless experience for the users. This tech and user experience will be achieved using our own platform (Wenmoon Launcher)

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