MEXC 0% Fees Is Back, Lowest Fees In The Market!

We saw the chats and we heard your pleas. We know that everyone is looking for an exchange that provides competitive fees and reliable services. Therefore, we made a significant announcement that is sure to capture the attention of traders worldwide – the return of MEXC 0% Fees! We are back to providing the lowest trading fees in the crypto market!

Explore MEXC With 0% Fees Again

MEXC has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the revival of the 0% Fee promotion is a testament to the platform’s dedication to user satisfaction. This move comes at a time when cryptocurrency traders are becoming increasingly discerning about the fees associated with their transactions.

The return of 0% fees is not only a bold statement by MEXC but also a strategic move to attract both new and seasoned traders. By eliminating trading fees entirely, MEXC aims to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for users, regardless of their trading experience or the size of their portfolios.

Lowest Trading Fees In The Crypto Market

Starting from February 1, 2024, all users can enjoy 0.000% maker and taker fees for spot trading! Meanwhile, users can enjoy 0.000% maker fees on futures trading and only 0.010% futures taker fees. This allows users to experience minimum spending and receive maximum profit!

That is not all! By moving MX tokens from your spot wallet to your futures wallet, users can activate the MX Deduction program to enjoy an additional 10% discount on futures taker trading fees. Learn all about it now!

MEXC is Your Preferred Platform For New Token Listing

Explore the ultimate trading experience on MEXC! It is the premier choice for new token listings! At MEXC, we boast a comprehensive selection of more than 2,000 trading pairs while facilitating rapid coin listings. This ensures that you have access to both new and popular coins.

Furthermore, with 0% fees back on the table, your trading orders will bear no charges, making the process seamless and cost-effective! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore and trade the latest coins on a platform designed to prioritize your trading needs. Join us today!

MEXC’s Vision To Enhance User Experience

MEXC’s dedication to enhancing user experience extends beyond just competitive fees. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface, advanced trading tools, and a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies. With the return of 0% trading fees, MEXC aims to create an environment where users can confidently trade, knowing that they are part of a platform that prioritizes their interests.

How to Benefit from MEXC 0% Fees

To take advantage of MEXC 0% Fees, users can simply register on the platform and start trading. The 0% fee promotion applies to all trading pairs, providing a comprehensive experience for users interested in a diverse range of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can stay informed about ongoing promotions and fee structures through MEXC’s official X Account.

How To Navigate The MEXC Spot Trading Page?

  1. Look for the Spot column on the MEXC homepage.
  2. Click on Spot and you will be directed to the spot exchange page.
  1. On the right bar of the spot exchange page, you can search for all tokens available in MEXC such as BTC/USDT, MX/USDT, SOL/USDT, and many more! You can also choose your preferred coin pairing, such as ETH/USDC, XRP/ETH, or MX/BTC.
  1. Once you have chosen your preferred coin pair, such as MX/USDT, you can begin your trading journey in the column below the K-line chart.
  2. Select your preferred price range from either limit, market, or stop-limit.
  3. Select the total amount of tokens you would like to purchase and click Buy.

That’s it! Congratulations on buying tokens on the MEXC Spot Trading Page.


MEXC’s decision to bring back 0% fees showcase its commitment to the global community of cryptocurrency traders. As the platform continues to evolve, users can expect further innovations to simplify the trading experience and make it more accessible for everyone. Start trading now!

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