Meme Coin Rally With DOGE and PEPE

Digital asset prices were at a low this week. However, Dogecoin, the original meme coin, and the eighth-largest digital asset is experiencing an increase in value. As per CoinGecko, it has surged almost 6% in the past week and is currently trading for $0.088.

Meme Coin Rally With DOGE and PEPE
Meme Coin Rally With DOGE and PEPE. Image by Freepik

The current week is looking at a decline in the prices of digital assets, with the exception of Dogecoin. It is experiencing a positive surge. The biggest meme coin has increased by almost 6% in the past week and is trading at $0.088 at the time of writing. Other meme coins, such as BABYDOGE and PEPE, have also seen significant gains over the past week. BABYDOGE is up by over 40% and PEPE, which was launched on April 17, also experiencing a notable increase. One investor reportedly turned $250 into $1.02 million in just four days by investing in the new coin, which at one point saw a 240% surge in value in just 24 hours.


Created in 2013, Dogecoin (DOGE) was meant to be a fun and playful alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It is characterized by its Shiba Inu logo and name, which are based on a popular internet meme. Unlike Bitcoin, which is designed to be scarce, Dogecoin has no maximum supply and is intentionally abundant, with 10,000 new coins mined every minute. For most of its history, Dogecoin was considered a “meme coin” with little value, but that perception changed in 2021. As of April, Dogecoin is among the top ten largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, with a total value of over $50 billion, despite each coin being worth only pennies.

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What is PEPE Coin?

PEPE is a new meme coin that aims to become the top contender in the meme coin market. While other memecoins have used dogs as their central theme, PEPE intends to take the lead by using the popular Pepe meme. Unlike other meme coins, it was launched without a presale and has no taxes.

The liquidity pool has been burnt, and the contract has been renounced, ensuring the coin’s long-term stability. It is also powered by its strong memes and is ready to make its mark. In summary, PEPE is designed to be a people’s coin and has the potential to become the king of meme coins with its memetic strength. Lord Kek is the guiding force behind this coin. Start trading PEPE at MEXC now!


After reaching an impressive milestone earlier in the month, Bitcoin’s value has decreased by 3.5% in the past week. The cryptocurrency, which surpassed the $30,000 threshold for the first time in 10 months, is now trading at $28,315.

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