MEDACOIN lists on MEXC with MX DeFi session

MEXC, one of the fastest-growing and reliable crypto networks, will list Medacoin (MEDA) in its Innovation Zone and open trading for MEDA/USDT (Trade it here) trading pair. The Medacoin team will also engage the staking session of “MX DeFi” to let users mine MEDA tokens from January 31 to February 02. Users can stake MX and MEDA for liquidity on MEDA.

Lets understand MEDACOIN

MEDA is a new cryptocurrency token that lets video game players have the flexibility to own their virtual in-game assets. MEDA will be the in-app currency of the MEDA NFT Marketplace and can be used in several ways:

  • The currency can be used to buy in-game items and actual Medabots merchandise.
  • The currency can pay the entry fee for live tournaments and earn reward tokens. It can also be used to wager on matches
  • MEDA can help users mint Medapart NFTs as additional revenue for the token.
  • Players can earn coins by referring friends.
  • Additional earned coins can be used for transferring to future games.

Project Marketing

The platform plans to focus its primary marketing efforts on getting token holders into the Medabots platform from the launch. The platform intends to use the following tactics:

  • Whale acquisition via the Medabots network and through private sale rounds to crypto capitalists
  • Development and design of digital content for marketing like 2D and 3D animated banner ads and social media post templates. Video based content like ads for websites and social media. Gameplay trailers will also be used to target gamers.
  • Strategically placing the digital content on relevant websites globally to run the advertisement campaign.
  • Plan and run influencer collaborations on major social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

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