Margin trading in normal mode

Unlike the automatic mode, in the normal mode, you need to manually borrow and repay the currency for leveraged trading.

Apply for a loan

1. After the collateral assets are successfully transferred to the margin account, you can borrow money. You can find the [Loan] button in the “Normal Mode” to borrow money manually.

Normal Mode

2. Click the [Loan] button in the transaction panel to open the borrowing interface. The system will display a certain multiple of the loanable amount based on the amount of the principal, and you can apply according to the amount you need to borrow.

Loan Amount

After the loan is completed, you can see the tokens you have borrowed in the available balance. For example, 0.01 BTC has been successfully borrowed at this time, so you can perform margin trading and sell the borrowed BTC. Or you can borrow more USDT to buy more BTC with leverage.



1. When you want to end the loan, you can find the [Repayment] button in the “Normal Mode” to repay the money manually.


2. Click the [Repayment] button to enter the return interface, enter the return amount, and click the OK button after verifying that it is correct. Different from the auto mode, the system will not automatically help you buy or sell the crypto to pay the interest. When the available amount is not enough to repay the loan amount and interest, please transfer the repayable crypto to the margin account in time.



In normal mode, you can know the borrowed amount of crypto very clearly before trading. However, it is also necessary to remind you to manually return the loan and interest in time to avoid the loss of funds caused by forgetting.

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