Manchester City Forms Partnership with Quidd for Digital Collectibles

Key Points:

  • Manchester City partners with Quidd to offer digital collectibles, including exclusive player cards.
  • The first 10,000 fans to purchase will receive special “For the Fans” packs.
  • Real-world perks include access to team training and official merchandise.
Manchester City Forms Partnership with Quidd for Digital Collectibles
Manchester City Forms Partnership with Quidd for Digital Collectibles

Manchester City has embarked on a promising venture by aligning with Animoca Brands’ Quidd for a multi-year partnership. This collaboration focuses on crafting and releasing digital collectibles that integrate seamlessly with unique promotions and fan experiences. The arrangement was confirmed through a blog post by Tom Boyle, Vice-President of City Football Group, who expressed enthusiasm about redefining football collectibles for the digital era.

Quidd plans to launch special edition digital collectibles that will include player cards capable of unlocking real-world experiences for fans. Consequently, fans will have more ways to connect with the football club. Furthermore, the collectibles will not only enhance fan engagement but also foster an immersive connection with the global fan base. The initiative kicks off with 200 unique digital player cards, set to be available for purchase on May 2.

Moreover, the first 10,000 fans, affectionately known as Cityzens, to purchase these packs will gain access to two exclusive “For the Fans” packs. Additionally, those who secure these digital rewards through Quidd will have the opportunity to engage in various real-world activities. These activities range from purchasing official Manchester City merchandise to experiencing exclusive training sessions at the City Football Academy.

Manchester City FC Goes Big Into NFTs

The unveiling of this initiative follows closely on the heels of Manchester City’s recent foray into the NFT space. On April 22, the club launched the “Unseen City Shirts” NFT collection, which includes limited-edition jerseys tied to unique, hand-painted artwork. This move underlines Manchester City’s growing commitment to leveraging digital platforms for fan engagement.

In 2022, Manchester City collaborated with Sony to construct a virtual rendition of Etihad Stadium within the metaverse, marking it as the first officially licensed football stadium in this new digital frontier. Meanwhile, the broader football community is also embracing cryptocurrency, with significant investments seen in smaller clubs like Real Bedford, backed by the Winklevoss twins.

This partnership with Quidd is just one part of Manchester City’s broader strategy to integrate more digital technology into its fan engagement practices. By doing so, Manchester City hopes to offer fans both traditional and innovative ways to interact with the club. This blend of the real and the virtual is setting a new standard in how sports franchises engage with their supporters in the digital age. 

This proactive approach by Manchester City not only secures its position at the forefront of digital innovation in sports but also ensures that fans have more dynamic and engaging ways to support and interact with their favorite team.

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